About us

Who we are

Welcome to Games Mojo, hub of fun-packed video game stories and blockbuster reviews. For starters, we are game lovers who also enjoy the privilege of creating lively and addictive experiences from simply talking about games.

We are not just a ‘bunch of regular writers’ by any means, we have our amazing crew of specialists, editors and brilliant review writers. Anyone who feels it’s nice to fit into the shoes of made-up characters, from action-adventures to sports games, has appreciations for both what we do and video games.

What we do

Literally, we create fun! Our craft is that extra bit of mind-blowing fantasies. We steep our reviews into the intrigue of connecting our audience with the game world.
To us, it’s priceless, when we are able to deliver a deeply imaginative sense of game storytelling to our fans — it feels as good as real.

We enable big and small

At Games Mojo, we lend our voices to clients. If you are looking to share high-quality ads to a specific audience, then come on board.

We are open to advertising both enthusiastic start-ups and big businesses, from all corners of the globe, provided such ads do not abandon the basics of what we embody.

Through us, you can show future clients, colleagues or employees where your heart, values and objectives lie.

We belive in passionate creatives

What sets us apart is that we empower young talents. We help smart, creative minds (like us) build successful careers, create their own online presence.

We are keen on generating experiences that would make people’s lives better — it doesn’t matter what their backgrounds are, our training process is simple and codes free. Check out our vacancies page — here we believe opportunities will meet talents.

What`s so great about us

Top quality reviews

We are chatty: Obsessively passionate about giving quality critique reviews, we do not shy away from any form of criticism, neither are we afraid to buck the status quo.

We develop a critical language that lets us have conversations about games rather than simply describing them. We bring up thought-provoking game arguments and back them up with evidence and explanations to support them.

What’s most fascinating about reviewing games is the way it draws in fans from different parts of the world, with one thing in common — sharing thoughts and discussions about games. With so many gamers looking for game interests and amusements, what we promise is keeping their dreams alive.

Monthly charts

We stay current: On our website, you can find the most anticipated games, top ratings, worldwide ranking in the order of their genres, popularity, demand, and technologies used. We continuously refresh our charts so you can catch up.

Ever-growing catalog of video games

We keep you in the know: Discover the latest game series, upgrades, and updates from our rich and detailed collections of video game catalogs.

Tips and hacks for all the games you love

We feed you amazing gameplays: Knowing the next move or turn to take in your favorite game could be very liberating. We give you the right hacks and tips to beat friends or adversaries each time and claim ultimate victories — probably the best part of playing games.

System requirements for all the games

We provide you from minimal to the latest system requirements for PC games, online games, consoles, controllers, joysticks, and so much more. Whatever your preference is — PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Windows PC, or Mac OS, we got you.

What’s more, whether we are writing game reviews or working with ad networks, our knack for unique and powerful storytelling is what has coined a great brand for us. We want you sticking around our pages, sharing in our everyday journey.

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18-21 Morley St, South Bank, London SE1 7QZ
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