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CZ75-Auto Imprint

Short overview:

One of the most popular skins for CZ75-Auto. It allows you to emphasize the huge game experience and skill. With Imprint every player will become a top-ranked leader of his team, even before the start of the first round.

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CZ75-Auto | Imprint skin description

A fully automatic variant of the CZ75, the CZ75-Auto is the ideal short-term choice for turning the tables and gaining your opponents weapon. But with very little ammo in the magazine, strong trigger discipline is required.
Steam Market

It has been painstakingly etched by hand.

Couture firearms have taken the Czech Republic by storm

Quality / price ratio

Average price distribution for every CZ75-Auto Imprint quality

Factory New $0.28

Minimal Wear $0.08

Field-Tested $0.07

Well-Worn $0.07

Battle-Scarred $0.07

Average : $0.11

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