Red Shaded Hoodie (ItsSynchro Skin)

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girl42 Other 64x64 skin based on Steve (4 pixel arms) 4.2
Purple and Yellow Girl Other my newest skin :) 0.0
Subnautica player Other Sorry the Guy under has a pink and blue mohaw... 3.4
  • Game: Minecraft
  • Release date: 4/7/2017
  • Gender: Male
  • Original model: Steve (4 pixel arms)
  • Size: 64x64
  • HD skin: no
  • Progress: 100% Complete

Red Shaded Hoodie (ItsSynchro Skin) skin description


This skin was made specifically for me by my friend TJGaz, but I've decided to share it, seeing as how amazing it is. Make sure to follow TJ on Twitter @

Here's my YouTube channel:
IGN: ItsSynchro
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