Games Mojo Better World Mission

Like any other planet Earth resident, our team members desire to make the world a better place. You can’t save the world on your own (unless you’re the Iron Man), but together we can complete the Better World Mission. Every step and help counts, so we, the Games Mojo team, are thrilled to present you a short list of our Social Initiatives.

The list includes:
  • Support for young aspiring authors;
  • Donations for pet adoption programs and charity funds.

We support young aspiring authors

Send us your reviews

In Games Mojo, we appreciate young and fresh minds who strive to express their thoughts. That’s why our team has something exciting for you.
If you are a dedicated fan of games or apps, you’re welcome to share your articles and reviews with us and with the world! You can write any type of article you want: a guide, a critical review, a top chart, a game news report, etc. After our editorial team accepts it, you will receive a notification letter and get published in the matching section.

Become a professional critic

If you want to become a pro critic or reviewer, we have some great news for you. Games Mojo team is glad to announce the start of Writers Engaging Program (WEP). WEP is an educational project which aims to teach young or inexperienced authors to write articles like a pro. Turn your passion into your job!

What does the WEP program offer?

Writers Engaging Program by Games Mojo is a real education course that aims to develop and improve writing skills of young and talented people. Games Mojo team of critics and our partners from other famous reviewing resources are glad to share their experience with you. We require nothing but a full video games and apps devotion! So, if you are an avid dedicated gamer and want to become a professional writer, you are welcome!

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