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Logitech G Pro Wireless 910-005272

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It’s the fourth review of a Logitech’s notebook computer mouse in my series of the best laptop mice for 2020 reviews, and for a good reason. This brand seems to be the most prolific and reliable on the market of computer peripherals as it offers competitive high-quality products in all price segments. Logitech G Pro Wireless isn’t the most expensive or technologically advanced Logitech wireless laptop mouse. On the other hand, it presents an almost perfect balance between the price tag and features. The manufacturer offers it as a gaming solution, but it’s actually a universal device. Take a look at my comprehensive experience-based review to see if it’s your choice or not. After reading the article, you can compare this mouse using my list of the best laptop mice for 2020 on GamesMojo.

  • Design 5
  • Build Quality 5
  • Comfort Of Use 5
  • Features 5
  • Gaming 5

Design: Pro Style

Pro Wireless Bluetooth mouse for laptop and desktop has a neat ambidextrous design, which makes it a perfect device for both left and right-handed users. It’s a totally black matt device with 2 light indicators. In fact, the G-logo indicator isn’t just a LED light. It’s an advanced Lightsync RGB light that can show approximately 16.8M colors. That’s what really makes this device stylish. You can either tune it to indicate your team’s color or just choose the one you like the most. Besides, the Lightsync technology lets you synchronize the device with other Logitech G peripherals to make them shine with the same color. You can enable game-driven lighting effects that can sample screen colors, respond to in-game action, or even visualize audio. All these features are programmable via the G HUB. If you remove the lighting, the device looks like an average gaming mouse for a laptop.

Build Quality: Lightweight Engineering

This wireless laptop mouse has an ultra-lightweight endo-skeleton that consists of a ladder-type carcass and a 1-mm thin outer shall. Together with the electronics, the full construction weighs just 80 grams, which is an excellent result for a full-size Bluetooth gaming controller. This construction is sturdy enough to be used by professional gamers who need a reliable tournament-ready solution. The build quality of the device is worth every penny. I gave this mouse to 3 of my friends who stream Battle Royale, and they didn’t detect any assembly issues after 3 months of active streaming. The company claims that the mouse can handle at least 250km of use. It’s quite hard to convert that into days or months, but I’m sure that it’s enough for at least 2 years of daily gaming. 

Comfort of Use: It Depends

Logitech G Pro Wireless is one of the most convenient laptop mouses when you are using it on broad flat surfaces. The optical sensor behaves perfectly well on both matt and glossy surfaces, except for mirrors and transparent glass, so that you can enjoy working or playing without a mouse pad. On the other hand, this wireless mouse for a laptop is quite big, so it may be hard to use it for work tasks when you are on a plane or train. That’s not what it was designed for anyway, so I can’t call it a flaw. You will also need enough space in your laptop bag to carry this controller and the charging cable. It’s not a problem if you don’t mind about bulky setups, but if you’re accustomed to minimalistic devices like Macbook Air, this mouse will be too large. 


G Pro Wireless can work from 48 to 60 hours on one charge, depending on the gameplay intensity. This wireless computer mouse has an ultra-speed 16K-DPI sensor, which makes it possible to play on up to 400 IPS speed without lags and tracking failures. This sensor also consumes less energy, enabling longer battery life compared to previous gaming mice by Logitech, so it’s worth updating your older mouse to achieve longer battery life and a more lightweight device. 


Logitech engineers created this laptop wireless mouse for comfortable gameplay. The first thing to love it for is the customizable ambidextrous button configuration. There are 2 sets of programmable twin buttons on both sides of the mouse. You can either set different actions for each button and use all 4 of them, remove one of the pairs, or even remove all side buttons if you don’t need them. The next gaming-first feature is the size of the mouse. It’s big enough to provide you with a convenient palm landing for long online matches and streaming sessions. The third thing that I like is the button tensioning system. It makes clicking significantly quicker than it was in older models. There are tight metal springs under both main buttons, which make the return speed higher and amplitude much shorter. Combining this feature with a 1-millisecond report rate, Pro Wireless presents the perfect speed for esports tournaments. The same response speed is provided by cord mice! 

Gaming First

Logitech G Wireless is an excellent gaming controller that competes with another great mouse, Razer Viper Ultimate. If you are looking for a gaming device, you should choose this one if you need a durable, lightweight, high-IPS mouse that doesn’t require a dock station for charging. It’s a bit more compact than Viper Ultimate, so it’s more convenient to take it along to trips and competitions. If you’re looking for a solution that combines travel-size compactness and convenient gaming, you may not enjoy the size of this device. Its full-size body is perfect for gaming, but not small enough for business trips. It’s also not very convenient to charge it every 2-3 days if you need a device for solving business tasks. I can’t recommend it to businessmen, and other professional users on the go as Pro Wireless battery life is too short and size is too big for that. On the other hand, it’s a perfect solution for traveling gamers who want to achieve desktop-quality gameplay anywhere they go.

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