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Logitech MX Master 2S 910-005139

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Logitech MX Master 2S is a superior quality wireless computer mouse that’s designed for helping you to solve your work tasks fast and convenient, enjoying one of the best designs on the market at the same time. This mouse for laptop and desktop is a premium solution for users who evaluate high-quality materials and versatility. It’s suitable for long daily routines on the computer, even if your tasks require performing multiple actions with a mouse. Due to high-quality materials and assembly, it will work for you for years without getting visually older. I recommend this wireless mouse for laptop and desktop to coders, webmasters, photo/video editors, digital artists, designers, and other professional users who need an advanced controller for quick and precise action. Now, let’s take a closer look at the features.

  • Design 4
  • Build Quality 5
  • Comfort Of Use 4
  • Features 5
  • Gaming 4

Design: Premium Utility 

Logitech MX Master 2S is perhaps one of the most recognized laptop mouses so far. Although it doesn’t try to catch you with bright elements and fancy shapes, sleek materials and assembly quality will definitely draw your attention. When I first saw this Logitech wireless laptop mouse online, I felt a strong wish to touch it to make sure that the tactile impression would be as good as visual. The result exceeded my expectations. This mouse can complement any setup, no matter what computer gear brands you prefer. It looks stylish even near my space grey Macbook Pro and the basic iMac in the GamesMojo office. Thanks to the compact size of the mouse, I can take it along anywhere, plug in the minute Bluetooth dongle and enjoy the setup. If your computer has a built-in Bluetooth receiver, you can get by without the Logitech Unifying. It means that there won’t be problems with connecting to several devices if you don’t have the same number of Bluetooth dongles. 

Build Quality: For Extreme Work

The manufacturer combined several types of materials with the anti-contaminating effect that makes this wireless laptop mouse by Logitech suitable for regular long work sessions on your computer. The plastic frame of the mouse is very strong but lightweight. The original compact 145-gram body shape was handcrafted of modeling clay, just like a supercar prototype. Even after almost a year of use in the GamesMojo office, this gadget doesn’t creak and still looks fresh. Some of my friends, who work in IT and are more active wireless mouse laptop users than me, say that this mouse is one of the most durable products that they’ve ever used for work. 

Comfort Of Use

No matter what mice you had before, getting used to this one will take only a few minutes. The shape of this laptop mouse is adjusted to your palm and has a supporting pad for your wrist, which makes working long hours not that tiresome. The supporting pad has a comfortable dip for your thumb. As a result, you don’t have to stretch your palm to grab the notebook computer mouse and reach buttons, no matter what size of your hands is. Due to the universal optical sensor combined with ultra-smooth Teflon pads on the bottom, you can use the mouse with or without a mouse pad. Choosing the second option, you can be sure that the mouse won’t make any noise while moving, and the cursor won’t tremble or jump on the screen without reason. The 4000-dpi sensor provides smooth performance even on a transparent, glossy glass surface. 

Features: Productivity Monster

One of the key features of this mouse laptop is the ability to be connected to several computers simultaneously. You can install Logitech Flow software on your computers and switch between each of them just by moving the cursor towards the next screen. If this feature surprised you, the quick file transfer option would amaze you. For example, you want a wireless mouse HP laptop supports and a wireless mouse Dell laptop supports. MX Master S2 lets you interconnect these 2 laptops via the quick file clipboard that can capture text, images, and various types of files, letting you transfer them from one computer to another without the Internet. Using this feature, you can forget about bulky multi-step file transferring across computers, independently from the operating system. Even Apple’s AirDrop isn’t as fast as Logitech Flow. 


Although Logitech MX Master 2S wasn’t designed for gamers, it’s an excellent gaming controller if you like RPGs like me. Extra buttons and 2 scrolling wheels let you adjust additional actions and enhance your gameplay quality. Of course, specific mice for hardcore gaming are much more flexible as they include specially designed programmable buttons and real-time dpi toggle. MX Master 2S doesn’t let you change this parameter while playing. It’s also limited to 4000 dpi, which is enough for all kinds of working tasks but may appear a bit low for some fast-paced games. If you’re not into pro-style gaming, you will enjoy the perfect response and one of the most convenient mouse grips ever created. 

Serious Busines Partner

No matter what your business is and how many hours your day on the computer lasts, Logitech MX Master 2S desktop and laptop wireless mouse will help you to remain productive until the end of the day. Using programmable modes and simultaneous connection to several devices, you can deal with different tasks, using a single universal controller. Due to the extra-durable battery with fast-charge capability, you can be sure that this Bluetooth mouse for laptop and desktop will keep working as long as you need it. It’s the best laptop mouse when it comes to complex work that requires several computers, frequent file transferring, and lots of scrolling. I don’t recommend this mouse as a professional gaming controller because there’s no dpi switch and not enough programmable buttons. But if you’re looking for a robust business solution and your gaming demands aren’t sophisticated, it has a chance to become your favorite one ever. Logitech MX Master 2S is the best wireless mouse laptop, and desktop users can choose to deal with complicated tasks. 

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