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Apple Magic Mouse 2 MLA02

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Apple Corporation has always been the design trendsetter for both computer and mobile industries. The company is famous not only for its professional workstations, powerful ultrabooks, and iPhones but for top-notch accessories as well. Apple Magic Mouse 2 desktop and laptop wireless mouse stands in one line with extremely popular wireless AirPods. This mouse has the most recognizable design on the market, as well as a wide range of unique features. However, like the majority of Apple’s products, Magic Mouse 2 isn’t a comprehensive solution for everyone. First of all, it won’t work on any operating system except macOS X El Capitan v 10.11 or higher. To know all other pros and cons of this sophisticated controller, read my comprehensive experienced-based review. 

  • Design 5
  • Build Quality 4
  • Comfort Of Use 5
  • Features 4
  • Gaming 3

Design: Soap Piece?

When Apple presented the original Magic Mouse 11 years ago, it quickly became a meme in which Internet users called it a piece of soap sliver. In 2009, the meme made me laugh too, but then, in 2010, I bought an iMac, and the 1st-gen Magic Mouse was in the box to change my mind. It took me a few days to get used to it, and I understood that it’s one of the most beautiful gadgets that I’ve ever had. Now I have a newer Mac with Magic Mouse 2 laptop mouse. Its appearance hasn’t changed at all since the 1st generation, and I understand why. It’s just impossible to create a mouse that looks more luxurious and neat at the same time. Still, it’s not perfect in terms of ergonomics. Beauty’s a cruel mistress, is it not? This Bluetooth mouse for laptop is available in the standard bright white body, the trendy space grey, and silver-and-black, which is notably pricier for an unknown reason. Both colors look great but require frequent wiping as fingerprints make it look dirty quite fast. Well, that seems to be a fair price for the glossy beauty of this notebook computer mouse.

Build Quality: It Won’t Melt! 

The top panel of Magic Mouse 2 is made of patented multitouch acrylic surface that looks and feels like a piece of clear glass. It’s a rather flexible material that won’t break as easily as your iPhone’s glass back. Although almost the entire surface of the mouse is sensitive, it’s impossible to misclick or do the wrong gesture by accident. The bottom panel of the mouse is made of a monolith piece of aluminum. The same material is used for iMac and Macbook unibodies. This panel is sturdy but exposed to scratches and scuffs if you carry it everywhere. Fortunately, you won’t see them while using it. 

Comfort of Use: Good for Work

This wireless mouse for laptop is very convenient for users with small and medium palms. If your palm is bigger than average, you may lack support in the middle. There’s also no rest for the thumb, so it takes a while to get used to the shape. On the other hand, the fully symmetric design makes it an excellent solution for left-handed Mac owners. You can simply change the configuration in the settings and go. By the way, you will find plenty of other configuration options there too. I recommend you to try all of them to find the best solution for your particular type of work. To tell the truth, the standard layout works well only for basic tasks. The only thing that I don’t like about the mouse is the location fo the lightning jack. You have to flip the device to plug in the cable, which makes it impossible to charge and work at the same time. However, this flaw is compensated by the fast-charge option. 

Features: Exclusive Setup

Due to the multitouch acrylic surface of the mouse, you can use it similarly to your Macbook’s touchpad. Although the panel has only one clicking button underneath, it always understands when you want to press the left or the right button. If you want to scroll up, down, left, or right, you just have to swipe your finger in the needed direction. The reverse scrolling is supported too. Available multitouch gestures include pinch-to-zoom, rotation, browser page skipping with one-finger swiping, active desktop switching with two-finger swiping. Finally, you can turn on several additional gestures in Accessibility settings and even download third-party extensions to reveal more advanced customization options. The 1986-mAh rechargeable battery provides up to 1 month of daily work. When the battery gets low, you can use the fast charge feature and keep working for around 8 hours from a 2-minute charge. 

Gaming: Not Really

Making a perfect wireless laptop mouse for working on Macs, Apple had to sacrifice the comfort of gamers completely. Most video games require physical left and right buttons, while Magic Mouse 2 has only one. As a result, you just cannot aim and shoot at the same time, playing FPS, which is an awful limitation for every gamer. Fortunately, all Macs support third-party controllers, so you can get another mouse for gaming to avoid problems. You can try to get used to this limitation, but you shouldn’t suffer that much. 

Professional Perfection

Apple Magic Mouse 2 is an excellent solution for both basic and advanced macOS users. It’s the only controller on the market that can fully substitute Apple’s multitouch touchpad. It’s highly convenient for browsing, switching between desktops, and operating complicated professional software. Fortunately, third-party developers provide full support of multitouch gestures. Although MM2 has the length of a full-size desktop mouse, it’s much thinner than most mobile mice. Together with up to 30 days of battery life, it can become your perfect travel companion. I recommend Magic Mouse 2 mouse for laptop and desktop to all macOS users who need to solve basic and advanced tasks every day. The exquisite design and advanced control features of this mouse are just impossible to beat, so it’s definitely one of the best laptop mice for 2020 that you can buy for your Mac.

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