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Logitech M330 Silent Plus 910-004909

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As usual, Logitech presents not only top-notch premium-segment gear but highly competitive budget products as well. Logitech M330 Silent Plus has been the brand’s leading budget mouse for over 2 years already. I just couldn’t avoid it, making this series of the best laptop mice for 2020 reviews on GamesMojo as it offers some unique features that have the power to influence your decision. This Bluetooth mouse for laptop and desktop is the best controller for working as silently as possible. Even if your co-travelers on the airplane don’t ask you to use the touchpad instead of your loudly clicking mouse, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t irritate them! So, if you care about the comfort of people around and value silence too, take a look at the detailed features.

  • Design 5
  • Build Quality 5
  • Comfort Of Use 5
  • Features 5
  • Gaming 4

Design: Reserved & Sporty

M330 Silent Plus is available in several colors. The original model for North America is available in grayish-black and an exclusive mousy grey with a bright yellow bottom. Although there are no more official colors for the US, many retailers offer European and Asian versions that are available in bright red and blue colors. As a result, you can pick up an official look or one of three casual options. The shape of the device is for right-handed users only. The asymmetric frame has a thumb rest on the left, while the right side is flat. The bottom of this wireless laptop mouse is flat and includes the power switch and a small section for the AA battery and the USB Bluetooth dongle. 

Build Quality: Spotless

This laptop mouse has seamless assembly quality and high-quality materials, such as lightweight matt plastic for the top panel and a gummed side frame with a perforated pattern for better grip. All junctions between the panels are tight and don’t creak when you are manipulating the device. The battery cover at the bottom is also very tight and doesn’t clink at all. You don’t have to worry about breaking the lid as it’s too small and sturdy for breaking by accident. In addition, the manufacturer provides a 2 year warranty, which is more than enough for this computer gear category. 

Comfort Of Use: For Long Work Hours

Using this Logitech wireless laptop mouse, you won’t get tired too fast as it’s not too small and perfectly fits medium and even big palms. I also like that the USB Bluetooth dongle is hidden inside. The lid makes it impossible to lose the tiny connector. On the other hand, why Logitech didn’t make this mouse work without the receiver? We all have Bluetooth on our laptops today, after all. The rubberized grip feels very good an doesn’t make your fingers sweat. The thumb rest is also a convenient feature. Unfortunately, it makes the mouse uncomfortable for left-handed users. The almost entire absence of clicking sounds makes this mouse perfect for working near sleeping children and people who are trying to rest next to you on planes and trains. Although you cannot hear the clicks, you won’t press the buttons by accident as they have a tangible return. In addition to silent clicking, the bottom panel has special softened pads that provide noiseless movement on most flat surfaces, including your laptop’s wrist landings. 

Features: Small Genius

You already know that this notebook computer mouse is very silent. To prove that, I used a loudness measuring device and figured out that the main buttons and the wheel clicker make almost 90% less noise than all the mice that I’ve tested so far. Nevertheless, the return remains as tangible as on average computer mice. The next awesome feature is the battery life. Logitech claims that it can work up to 24 months from a single Duracell AA battery that’s included in the package by default. I haven’t used it for so long yet, but guys from Reddit have done that test already! The actual battery life depends on the average daily use time and fluctuates from 19 to 25 months, which is currently the best result amongst all portable laptop mouses on the market. Moreover, you don’t have to switch the mouse on and off all the time. It can turn on the sleep mode automatically when you’re not using it for at least 10 seconds. Just click any button to relink it instantly. Unlike many other Bluetooth mice on the market, this one doesn’t require you to install any software. Just plug the receiver in and forget about pairing forever. The receiver is fully compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, macOS X 10.5 and higher, Linux Kernel 2.3 and higher. 


Surprisingly, this wireless mouse for laptop is well enough for most unhurried shooters and RPGs. Of course, full-size models like Razer Viper Ultimate are much better when it comes to long plays, but M330 Silent Plus lets you get by when you want to kill a spear hour or two playing something like Call of Duty or Need for Speed. If you need a wireless computer mouse for longer sessions, you’d better keep on reading my mouse reviews at GamesMojo. There are some excellent wireless gaming options in my selection. 


Logitech M330 Silent Plus is the best laptop mouse for users who need a silent solution that can keep working for months without recharging. It’s a good choice for parents who need to work near a small sleeping child or next to other sensitive people. It’s also a perfect option for business meetings on which you have to use your laptop, but you wish to do it as quietly as possible. This mouse for laptop is also a savior solution for devices that don’t have a built-in Bluetooth receiver for pairing with periphery gear, as it includes a USB Bluetooth dongle hidden under the bottom lid. Another argument for this mouse is battery life. It’s hard to believe, but you have to change the battery just once per 2 years. I cannot recommend Logitech M330 Silent Plus to avid gamers who like to play on the go as well as to professionals who need special-purpose buttons for macros. In all other cases, it’s a mobile hero for everyone.

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