Fortnite Battle Royale's Next Update Impacts the Map Heavily -

Fortnite Battle Royale's Next Update Impacts the Map Heavily

Fortnite Battle Royale's Next Update Impacts the Map Heavily on Blog

Fortnite Battle Royale is one of those games that are never the same tomorrow, and that’s what fans love most about it. The next big change is already here to roll out on September 3, at 8 AM. But players will not notice it because it only impacts the server part, so there will be no downtime at all.

New Great Discoveries

The v10.20 Content Update will bring first of all map innovations, introducing Rift Zone, something really new. They placed it at Fatal Fields, making it even more attractive to try. The information is taken from one leaked screenshot teasing the update. It also features the new zone that will appear where the Rift beacon has been lately.

The floating island will appear somewhere in the north of the island. It may replace the Fatal Fields or stay alongside them (maybe above them). This time the floating island will have a motel on it, instead of Loot Lake house, but still with lots of loot available both inside and outside. Its sight is impressive, with violet smoke around and Kevin the Cube in its base.

The rest of the map will remain intact unless some slow unnoticed yet processes are planned to reshape it slowly. The island is always full of surprises, and the leaks we have so far may reflect only a part of what’s going on.

Great Returns and Insolent Newcomers

As for other innovations, the return of Kevin the Cube always promises lots of ado. This strange object, as we said, now holds the floating island, giving the players who have missed it in its first appearance a new chance to meet it. Maybe this time the cube will bring even more noise and leave even more destruction than it did before.

Other returns we expect from the developers include the original slipstream from the floating island, removed in Season X along with other slipstreams. Maybe others will return too, making the exploration of the new map easier. This feature is especially wanted by the players who like to land at Fatal Fields or Lucky Landing because otherwise escaping the storm is a real problem for them. Anyway, as the map is updated, most players would like to explore it as quickly as possible.

As for new elements, Fortnite will feature so-called Zapper Traps. These are traps that the players may lay on opponents’ walls, so they explode when touched, dealing 50 damage to the careless enemy.

This may be accompanied by high voltage effects, as follows from the description provided by Epic. If it is so, this is the long-awaited innovation in the gameplay many players would appreciate, and a reason to rebuild the strategy for many. Though there have been electric traps (namely Wall Dynamo and Ceiling Zapper) at the very beginning of Fortnite: Battle Royale, these Zapper Traps probably won’t mirror them completely.

Time to Stop Guessing?

Soon we will download Fortnite updated version and learn the truth, and there will be reports, discussions, screenshots and videos instead of leaks and guesses. Remember that it will take about 20 minutes after the announced time for the updates to take effect. We’d recommend reading a few professional Fortnite Battle Royale reviews before diving in.

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