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Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600 PN7-00001

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The recent lines headline Microsoft products, including the Surface series, have proven the ability of the software giant to compete on the market of full-stack hardware solutions. In addition, Microsoft continues to present robust computer gear, including excellent desktop and laptop mouses, keyboards, web cameras, and even more. In this article, I’ll share my impressions of using Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600 and explain why it’s the best wireless mouse laptop users can take along on business trips and anywhere else. This wireless laptop mouse combines excellent ambidextrous shape with surprising battery life and advanced sensor technology that lets you work on virtually any flat surface that you can find around. Let’s take a close look at each specification!

  • Design 4
  • Build Quality 5
  • Comfort Of Use 4
  • Features 4
  • Gaming 3

Design: Concise Comfort 

On first sight, there’s nothing special about this laptop wireless mouse. Nonetheless, it’s a neat device that balances on the edge of comfortable use and easily transportable size. The symmetric frame of the controller can look pretty good near compact Windows laptops and, of course, Microsoft’s leading mobile computer, the Surface Pad. The manufacturer offers this item in 3 matt colors, including the full deep-black body, light blue top with black bottom, and red top with black bottom. The tactile characteristics are the same, independently from the color you choose. 

Build Quality: For Years

Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600 looks like a monolith piece of hard plastic. In fact, it consists of just 2 durable matt panels that don’t produce any cracking sounds even if you squeeze the device tight. Due to the monolith design of buttons and the upper panel, they won’t ever become shaky. The bottom panel has a special groove that provides simple access to the battery case opener and the pairing button. At the same time, this element works as an aero layer that makes this wireless computer mouse slide smoother that flat-bottom analogs. 

Comfort Of Use: For Everyone?

Well, I’m not sure that users with big palms will be satisfied with the size of this laptop mouse. On the other hand, it’s very comfortable for users with small and medium palm size. It’s also a perfect choice for your children as it’s not just small, but also doesn’t require a Bluetooth connector, while the majority of its competitors offer you to carry a separate Bluetooth dongle, which is so easy to lose. Another benefit of this device’s compactness is that you can easily place it on any laptop’s surface when there are no other flatnesses nearby. That’s something you can’t do with the majority of larger models. The buttons of this notebook computer mouse are easy to press and have an instant return. Due to the ambidextrous design, the mouse can be utilized by both left and right-handed users without difficulties. You can change the functions of the left and right buttons in your computer settings if needed. 

Features: Basics Plus

Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600 has a basic set of features needed for everyday productivity on the go. There are 2 main buttons and the scrolling wheel that has 2 modes for vertical and horizontal scrolling. That’s a highly useful feature if you work with Excel documents, massive pieces of HTML code, or other bulky files. The Bluetooth 4.0 Smart technology ensures an instant connection to your computer and a full absence of interference in places with a high level of data noise. To make the controller even more stable and precise, engineers created an exclusive BlueTrack Technology movement sensor. It combines the versatility of an optical sensor with a precision of a blue laser to provide spotless action on nearly all flat surfaces, except for colorless glass and mirrors. Another great distinction of this device is battery life. Microsoft supplies Mobile Mouse 3600 with a single AA Duracell battery that lets you use the mouse for up to 12 months without changing the battery. That’s an incredible result. If you need a mouse that won’t bother you with weekly or monthly recharging, this one’s definitely for you. I’ve been testing my sample for over 9 months already, and it’s still active. According to Reddit reviews that I’ve seen, it can survive even longer in some cases! 

Gaming: Rookie Setup 

This wireless mouse for laptop isn’t designed for gaming as most genres require a larger palm landing surface for a better grip. However, if you like racing simulators as much as I do, you don’t really need anything extra. It’s also good enough for strategies and all sorts of puzzles and simple timekillers. If you play a lot of FPSs, RPGs, or something like that, it’s better to look for a more advanced gaming solution. Fortunately, you can find detailed reviews of the best offers for 2020 on GamesMojo. 

Over The Hills And Far Away

Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600 is the best laptop mouse if you’re looking for the most compact and vivacious on-the-go solution for office routines. You can take this mouse along to the longest journey and be sure that it will still be working when you return home. It’s easy to put this device into small laptop cases as it’s less than 4 inches long, just 2,2 inches wide, and not too flat, which lets you use it with comfort even if you decide to work during a 12-hour flight. Thanks to almost instant Bluetooth 4.0 smart pairing, you won’t be annoyed by time-taking linking and connectivity issues. It’s up to you to decide if it’s the right choice for your business routines, but I’m taking Mobile Mouse 3600 to my next journey for sure! Unfortunately, my Magic Mouse 2 can’t survive for so long without charge!

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