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A Step on Fortnite Toes: Apex Legends Review

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Professional Review Professional review Hannah Paul 111 reviews on GamesMojo

Downloading Apex Legends means getting acquainted with yet another game in the line of battle royale shooters. Creators of Titanfall made a smart move when they brought all the approved components of existing battle royal games into a beautiful mix of smart tactics, effective team play, a set of solid characters, and a fascinating sci-fi map.

Graphics 5/5

Apex Legends is the freshest take on battle royal games, and it’s obviously shown in its superb graphics. The game takes place in Titanfall world. Currently, there’s only one map called Kings Canyon, and it’s probably the most beautiful of all battle royal maps you’ve seen. You get through jungles and deserts, soak in hissing waterfalls and clamber high cliffs. Everything about this world is rich with curious details, and the more you see, the more you want to explore it further. You will most probably need to update your graphics card driver to experience it to the fullest. It’s nice, however, that developers kept in mind that battle royale game is about fighting and made it’s possible to change graphical settings focusing on framerates.

Gameplay 4.5/5

Apex Legends seems like a friendly neighbourhood scuffle compared to other games in the genre. Twenty teams of three players enter the game and compete until only one is left. Your teammates are some random people, but the communication process is made easy with the help of an amazingly user-friendly setup. You exchange orders and help with the pre-made list of commands, so everything is as clear as it is short-spoken.

There are eight characters called Legends. At the beginning of the game, two of them are locked, and you can pay to unlock them or choose from the other six. The characters are well-balanced, so your choice doesn’t depend on the money you spend. Each of the Legends has unique abilities that could be handy in battles but don’t define the characters’ identities as your tactics and choice of weapons lie in the core of the gameplay. There’s a burst-damage Legend Bangalore, a defender Gibraltar, a teleport creator Wraith, a quick robot Pathfinder, a tactic Bloodhound, and a healer Lifeline.

Teamwork is the most critical part of the game. Apex Legend is the only battle royal game that lets you resurrect your teammates or mark the map for them to reach to weapons, ammo, and other loot. And there’s a great deal of ammo all over the map with regular drops from supply ships. Backpack space is limited, so you have to think twice before adding a new item to your gear.

Although the game is positioned as a free to play, there are microtransactions. Spending $20 on weapons and characters can make early stages of the game, but it’s still more skill than money centred.

Controls 5/5

It seems like Apex Legends has taken into account all the do’s and don’t’s of other battle royal games. Controls are smooth and intuitive. Team communication is polished to perfection, and the gunplay is so pristine that your character walks differently after changing his gun to a heavier one. Everything is made by the pings, so you don’t have to exchange awkward phrases and puzzle over your teammates’ advice. Press on enemies, weapons and locations to send other players a signal and the game will turn them into phrases automatically. There’s also a bit of additional space added to the gameplay with vertical surfaces you can climb or jump onto, so the movements seem natural and not restricted.

Replay Value 5/5

Every Apex Legends review will ensure you about the huge replay value of the game. And with the level of graphics and mechanics this high it’s impossible to think otherwise. The map offers a lot to discover and trying different Legends is a pleasure of its own. Besides, there’s no pay-to-win system so you can come back to improve your skills while keeping your money in the pocket. Time is a more valuable resource here.

The Bottom Line

Apex Legends is the epitome of battle royale genre. Every concept here is borrowed and polished to fit perfectly with others. The idea of three-person squads makes it fresh and tactically attractive, while the vivid map opens up a whole new world to dive into. Eight Legends are so well-balanced that no matter who gets on your team it stays competent. Gunplay and shooting mechanics are well-thought-out, as well as the communication system. And, what’s even more important, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to keep up with the rest of the players. Nothing is purely original here, but still, it’s worth a try.

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 4.5
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 5


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Apex Legends™ FAQ

Q1. Can I play Apex Legends on such mobile platforms as iOS and Android?
A1. No, you can only play Apex Legends on PC and consoles.
Q2. Where can I download Apex Legends for PC?
A2. Apex Legends is available for download on EA games official page, as well as on Origin store.
Q3. Where can I download Apex Legends for consoles?
A3. You can download the game on official Microsoft Store for Xbox One and on PlayStation Store for your PS4.
Q4. Can I download Apex Legends for free?
A4. Yes, the game is available for free download with multiple online purchase offers.
Q5. Do I need to go online to play the game Apex Legends?
A5. Yes, Apex Legends is a battle royal game, so a stable Internet connection is required to play it.
Q6. Is there a demo version of Apex Legends?
A6. No, there is only a full version available for download, but it’s free, so there’s nothing to lose.
Q7. What are the system requirements for the full Apex Legends game?
A7. To launch Apex Legends successfully you will need at least 6 GB of RAM, 22 GB of disk space, and a powerful video card.
Q8. Can I get unblocked Apex Legends from some illegal sources?
A8. Why would you do that? The game is free, and if you want to unblock some add-ons, you only need to play it well.
Q9. Can you help me to download some add-ons for the game from torrents?
A9. We wouldn’t recommend you to use torrents, especially with online games like Apex Legends. It may be damaging for your system.
Q10. Can I play Apex Legends for free without spending money on additional items?
A10. Yes, you can play the game without making in-app purchases. It’s pretty well-balanced.
Q11. Is Apex Legends a free to play game?
A11. Yes, Apex Legends is a free to play game with a touch of pay-to-win mechanics.
Q12. What is the price for an Apex Legends battle pass?
A12. The battle pass will cost you about $10.
Q13. Where can I buy battle passes and legends for the Apex Legends game?
A13. You can make all your in-game purchases after launching the game.
Q14. Are there any new Apex Legends characters currently for sale?
A14. Yes, there are two new characters in the first season of the game. You can either unblock them as you move to higher levels of the game or unlock them by purchasing them.
Q15. How much does a new legend cost?
A15. An average price for unlocking a legend is $10.
Q16. Can I pre-order a new Apex Legends battle pass?
A16. Currently, there’s only one Apex Legends battle pass available, but we’ll keep you posted when the second season for the game is launched.

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