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Minecraft Review: a Truly Revolutionary Video Game

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Minecraft is a sandbox video game where you take various types of cubes and build whatever you like in a 3D environment. The Minecraft game may look primitive at first sight, but in reality, your options within the gameplay are limited only by your time and imagination. Minecraft runs on most devices and machines. You can purchase and download Minecraft for your PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and Amazon Fire. Furthermore, Minecraft is available on some of the most popular consoles. Since its first release date in 2009 and with every subsequent update, Minecraft has been taking the iGaming world by storm.

Graphics 5/5

Minecraft differs from the majority of other video games because of its exclusive aesthetic. Yes, the visuals look old-fashioned and even slightly silly. But very few video games can boast graphics that are so enchanting and unique. Could you take a texture from Call of Duty, Strange Brigade or Assassins Creed, put it on a T-shirt and have video game enthusiasts identify it? We don’t think so. The graphics just work, contributing to the game’s absolutely unique and memorable looks.

Gameplay 5/5

The first time you play Minecraft, you may feel rather helpless and lost. Your building potential and the tools around you are everything you have at your disposal, and the night is closing in with its spine-chilling dangers. In this rather unfriendly environment, your only strength is the ability to build. If you need shelter, you will have to find materials by gathering up trees and i.e. mining the surrounding landscape (hence Mine-craft).

The gameplay introduces you to a vibrant and dynamic world. The supply of building materials is truly endless which both stimulates your brain power and fuels your desire to explore. Forests, valleys, mountains, oceans - the landscape diversity within the gameplay is impressive. Most creatures you encounter during the Minecraft game are cute and friendly. However, you will also come across monsters, zombies, huge spiders and the epic exploding Creepers. As you may have already guessed, Minecraft is a LEGO-resembling building game that’s not just for fun. It also bolsters your creativity and stimulates your out-of-the-box thinking skills.

Controls 5/5

The game plays smoothly both on PC and with standard console controls. Minecraft boasts fluent controls which in combination with addictive gameplay work wonders with your imagination and creative potential. The W A S D keys, mouse and space bar work really good for this type of game. If you don’t like the controls, you can customize them to your own preference.

Replay Value 5/5

The Minecraft game is definitely going to keep you coming back for more. Its neverending world, gradually created as you go through your adventure makes the game forever entertaining. Even though the game is technically for kids, a multitude of adult video game fans buy Minecraft and enjoy playing it endlessly. In other words, Minecraft is among video games that have the most replay value. Try it for yourself upon finishing reading our Minecraft review!

The Bottom Line

Minecraft is a revolutionary video game that has a zen to it and is truly a wonder of game-development. It features straightforward, fluent, and captivating mechanics easily learned on the go. Yet as you play Minecraft, you can feel a developing depth arising from within the gameplay and a LEGO-on-acid effect. For the Minecraft price, this is one of those video games you will hardly regret purchasing.

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 5


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Minecraft FAQ

Q1. Can I try Minecraft for free?
A1. Yes, there is a free trial version of the game on its official website. In this tutorial version you cannot save your game progress and the time is limited.
Q2. Is there a version of Minecraft I can just play online with no download needed?
A2. You must download Minecraft Launcher even for the free versions of the game.
Q3. Is there a free online version of Minecraft?
A3. Minecraft is a paid game with lots of opportunities for online cooperation. The free demo version is very limited, we’d suggest a strictly tutorial use.
Q4. Can I download a full Minecraft version for free?
A4. No, full Minecraft version for any platform will cost you from $5 to $25.
Q5. How can I download a creative mode for Minecraft?
A5. You don’t have to download any files to switch your Minecraft mode to Creative. Available in several editions of Minecraft, Creative mode lets you get unlimited resources, free flying and the ability to instantly destroy rocks. You can find out more about Minecraft modes on its official forums.
Q6. How can I get an unblocked version of Minecraft?
A6. We wouldn’t recommend you to install any cracked or unblocked version, they could have bugs and glitches. Minecraft is too good a game to not play it properly.
Q7. WIll Minecraft ever be available for free download?
A7. We don’t think so. Apart from free demos, the developers aren’t planning for any other free versions.

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