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Games Mojo is not an official representative or the developer of this game. Copyrighted materials belong to their respective owners.

60 Seconds! review: this nuke game will make you laugh out loud

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60 Seconds! is not a common survival game. It has much from black comedy genre and atomic adventure. Your mission is to save your life for 60 seconds. This time is given for you to secure life from a lethal nuclear attack. You will have the fallout shelter is at your disposal. Here you can take cover and withstand the brutal consequences of the nuke attack.

To play now, search for the official sources and download 60 Seconds! The game has no demo and can’t be unblocked to play for free. So make sure you download the certified game.

Graphics — 4/5

If you look for the realistic, top-notch graphics, 60 Seconds! may come as an unpleasant surprise for you. The game cannot boast of outstanding 3D visuals which look a little bit outdated.

However, 60 Seconds! perform clear and well-articulated visuals with high-defined details. The graphics are enough to render an engaging gaming experience to the players which will help each of them dive into the unique game atmosphere.

Gameplay — 4.5/5

There are four family members at the disposal of the player. You will control the father named Ted and grab the maximum amount of supplies and necessary things, as well as your relatives, and then throw it all into the underground shelter and hide there. You’ll have only 60 seconds to manage this task.

Right after this, the central part of the gameplay begins. Throughout the gameplay, you will keep a diary and write there about the events and the state of health of survivors.

Once a week the most vigorous and healthy person in the family will be sent to the surface to search for useful items.

While staying in a confined space, characters can get sick or go insane. To prevent this or to treat them in time, you will need the first-aid kit. Take note that it can be used only once for one person. You will need to do everything to remain alive in the shelter.

60 Seconds! is full of unexpected solutions and a dose of black humor.

Controls — 5/5

60 Seconds! has straightforward gaming controls. You only need to follow the instructions and tap on the screen to control the game.

The game consists of two scenarios, which scavenge and survival. So the controls will differ for each of them.

In the scavenge mode, you will collect necessary items by merely hovering your hand over these items.

In the survival mode, you are going to follow the emergency broadcasts and hints to succeed in the game.

Replay Value — 3.5/5

60 Seconds! game will test your intelligence and management skills for sure. But are you going to replay it?

For the first times, you will be captivated by the challenges of the scavenge and survival modes which both require the decisions that may work in your favor. But after playing a couple of times, you may lose interest in 60 Seconds!

60 Seconds! is the perfect mingle of survival and black humor. It is light-hearted and successful in creating an impact on players.

The layout is well-organized, and instructions are simple to follow, so there are no real difficulties in proceeding further in the game.  

If you don’t have high expectations, 60 Seconds! will help you kill a few hours pleasantly. We recommend you to check out system requirements before downloading 60 Seconds! game.



60 Seconds! is perfect for those who don’t mind some black humor in the nuke survival game.

Pros : No age restrictions
Unique, light-hearted atmosphere

Cons : Has low replay value

Graphics 4

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 5

Replay Value 3.5

Average : 4.3

Very interesting singleplayer mode.
You just can't miss this game!
One of the best action games ever!
One of the best games for PC
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