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60 Seconds!

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60 Seconds! Review: Stay Alive After Nuclear Bombing

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60 Seconds! is an apocalyptic game with elements of strategy in which you will need to play as a person who must survive together with his family after the nuclear bombing. You can download 60 Seconds! game if you have Windows XP SP3 or later and Mac OS X 10.6 or above.

Graphics 4/5

Even though the visuals slightly resemble a cartoon, the game has pretty good graphics. The colors of the picture correspond to the desperate atmosphere of the post-apocalyptic existence.

Gameplay 4/5

The game consists of two stages. First, you’re given 60 seconds to gather supplies before the nuke drops down. It’s important to quickly make the right decisions on what to take and what to leave behind.

The house layout and supply locations change from game to game, and you’ll have 20/10/0 seconds to look around, based on the difficulty level. Choose wisely what you’ll need. You only have four slots of capacity and items/people take a varying number of slots.

Thus, you run around the house, collect essentials necessary for survival, take with you your family members, and hide in the bunker. Now, you need to wait for militaries to come and rescue your family.

Here’s when the second stage of the game begins. It is taken day by day, and for each day, you decide how to ration your supplies and deal with events as they come. Events are presented as a brief text description and a couple of choices, some of which will be quite controversial.

For survival, you need to make the best use of the scavenged supplies, and if something is lacking, you or one of your party members should go out to the surface in order to find required items. It is dangerous because of the radiation and other people who are also hungry and can harm you. Some other survivors will ask for food or medicine, but some of them will want to take away what you’ve found. The part in the shelter is a text-based game, with the decisions being made inside the family’s journal.

Controls 4/5

As for the controls, they are quite easy to handle. It would be good if the main character could move faster during the collection of supplies process but perhaps that what makes the game challenging.

Replay Value 5/5

When you start playing, you find the game mechanics exciting and intriguing. After a while, you may feel that the game becomes repetitive. Yet, some time later, when you have some sort of a “dark comedy” mood, you might get the urge to play this game. Besides, there are multiple endings available so if you think that you’ve seen it all, just start playing, and you’ll see that you missed the bunker and its inhabitants.

The Bottom Line

60 Seconds! is a slightly creepy but fun game, which has an interesting and relatively fresh idea behind it. The game can be challenging at times and in our 60 Seconds review, we would like to warn you that there are tough choices to be made when playing this game.

  • Graphics 4
  • Gameplay 4
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 5


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60 Seconds! FAQ

Q1. Is the game 60 Seconds game available for free download?
A1. No, you must pay for downloading 60 Seconds!, but it’s not expensive.
Q2. Can I find 60 Seconds! demo somewhere?
A2. No, there aren’t any demos for the game at the moment.
Q3. Is it possible to get unblocked 60 Secondsversion?
A3. It would be easier to purchase the full version of 60 Seconds! for the platform you use than to find any unblocked games of this kind.
Q4. Is it true that I can play 60 Seconds! online for free?
A4. No, you must download the game if you want to play it and the download is not free.
Q5. I want to play 60 Seconds! for free very badly. What do I do?
A5. Probably you can ask a friend who owns it to let you play. Or you can wait for discounts on Steam and other stores.
Q6. Can you tell me more about the gameplay?
A6. Sure! 60 Seconds! is a dark comedy survival game. The protagonist Ted and his family are trying to survive in the bunker during atomic winter with the help of logic, strategy and good old scavenging.
Q7. Is there a free download of 60 Seconds! available for Mac?
A7. No, Mac users have to buy the game from AppStore for the price of $9.99.
Q8. How about a free download of 60 Seconds! for Windows PC?
A8. There is no free download for Windows users, but you can buy the game on Steam only for $2.49.
Q9. Does 60 Seconds! release for Android?
A9. Yes, there is an Android version of the game. It is available for purchase on Google Play.
Q10. Can I download 60 Seconds! from torrents?
A10. We didn’t try to do that because we care about our system’s safety.
Q11. What shall do to get 60 Seconds! from Steam?
A11. You must have a Steam account in order to make a purchase. Steam price for 60 Seconds! has recently been reduced to $2.49, so hurry up!

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