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Detective March Forward - The Missing Will

Detective March Forward - The Missing Will

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Detective March Forward - The Missing Will Review

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March isnt your typical youngster. She has a knack for mysteries and an itch to solve them. Naturally, getting her first-ever case from her best friend Milly fills her with excitement, but it wont be an easy one.

Mr. Peter, Millys grandfather, passed away, leaving behind a will that has gone missing. Millys suspicious-looking uncle claims to be in possession of it. Theres no telling if its true, though, as he is both cunning and dastardly. On top of that, Mr. Peter has come back as a ghost, haunting the very mansion he once lived in. March will have to both tackle the case and deal with Mr. Peters ghostly shenanigans. And the clock is ticking.

In this brand new point-and-click adventure game, you will take on the role of March Forward to search for the truth behind Mr. Peters missing will. Youll have to use your keen eyes and detectives logic to find clues. Use your camera to take snapshots of scenes to review clues and have March find solutions to puzzles. Solve brain-wracking puzzles to unravel who is in possession of the will and, consequently, holds Millys future in their hands. Keep a lookout for the playfully mischievous ghost of Mr. Peter wholl try to help March along the way.

On this adventure, you will experience:
Beautiful and colorful classic cartoon art style
Fully voice-acted scenes in English with subtitles
Unique camera system for reviewing clues and looking for missing items
Dozens of puzzles to solve, each more brain-wracking than the last
Steam achievements

Don your detectives hat. Sharpen your brain. Prepare your lens. And help March uncover the truth behind her best friend Millys grandfathers missing will. Millys uncle is a cunning one, though and Mr. Peters ghost is getting in the way. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

Key Features
Detective March Forward - The Missing Will is an adventure game that will test your detective skills and let you live out a mystery story the likes of Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie. It takes the brain-bending excitement of mini puzzle games and the eerie intrigue of point-and-click of adventures and melds them into one exciting experience.

March has a few tools up her detectives sleeve to help her figure it all out.

Puzzles Galore
March Forwards adventure is filled with intrigue and mystery. Its also an enigmatic journey filled with all kinds of puzzles to solve. Brain bender aficionados of all stripes will find theres something in here for almost everybody. Enjoy challenging your observation skills? Youll need to help March with spot the difference tasks. Need to sharpen your memory? March will need your help with memory-style puzzles. Theres a wide array of challenging brain-teasers to solve from jigsaws to word scrambles.

Secrets to Find
Of course, there are also plenty of secrets for aspiring detective March Forward to unlock. The late Mr. Peters glorious mansion is full of hidden corners, grand furniture, and other nook and crannies where clues could be hidden. Use your observation skills to the fullest to examine what may lie behind every part of the vast mansion. Dont worry if you get stuck as Mr. Peters ghost will be around to help out with a hint or two. Leave no stone unturned.

Camera and Photo System
Her camera allows her to take photos of the various scenes and clues. By collecting snapshots, youll be able to piece together the mystery behind Millys grandfathers missing will. Review your shots to figure out what items you need to solve puzzles. Check for any clues or pickups that you might have missed the first time around. The camera will help you solve puzzles. As March reviews footage, shell make comments about the items and scenes, giving you hint as to how to proceed.

(No) Inventory Management
Detective March Forward The Missing Will is a game where gathering the right items to solve puzzles and uncover clues is a key point. Luckily, Marchs bags are bottomless so youll never run out of space for the pickups you gather. Feeling like its all too cluttered? Just hover over items to check what they are.

Cartoon Style Visuals
The world of Detective March Forward is handcrafted in a simple yet expressive style inspired by classic cartoons and comics. Mr. Peters mansion is a colorful yet eerily mysterious place with every detail drawn by hand in a unique art style. Every characters personality shines through their distinct design and aesthetic.

Voice Acting
Its not a good story if the characters arent coming alive. Detective March Forward - The Missing Will features full English voice acting by professional VAs. March, Milly and the rest of the characters all have their unique personalities through their own voice. Were even including English subtitles not only so you dont miss a thing but to also make our game accessible to as many gamers as possible.

Steam Achievements
We know youve all got fancy achievement collections to enrich. Detective March Forward - The Missing Will delivers for achievement hunters as well. Make good use of your inventory space, take enough photos and solve puzzles to get that familiar ding of accomplishment. With so many puzzles to solve, youll have your hands full and be rewarded for it.

From Deertwig Studio that brought you The Orphan - A Tale of an Errant Ghost comes a new adventure game that will make a detective out of you. Detective March Forward - The Missing Will is the product of our passion for point-and-click adventure games. With our camera and inventory system entwined in the colorful world weve crafted, we hope to make you the main character of your own detective story.


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