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Granny Review: Gotta Get Out

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Keep your friends close, your enemies closer, and your nightmares the closest. The nightmare in this game is the young protagonist’s granny that will do anything to keep him inside. Download Granny game; we’re sure you’ll thank God you never had a granny like that.

Graphics — 4/5

As for its genre, the graphics have all it takes to make a good survival horror. Granny offers first-person view stealth story, with objects roughly drawn in a 3D environment that means a multistory granny’s house. All the doors, windows, furniture labyrinths and wardrobes to hide are not too detailed, but quite recognizable. You may have played the mobile version, but the PC one is redesigned a bit, with much higher texture quality.

Of course, there’s nothing photorealistic or drawn by art masters. But these new school horror games don’t need to be drawn with naturalistic blood and gore; they rather tend to Mondrian or Pollock that Bosch or Gericault (strange as it sounds when speaking of a computer game), and bloody abstracts do the work well.

Gameplay — 5/5

After the Slenderman-styled intro explaining how you got captured, the Granny keeps you inside, not letting her prisoner out. She even has her bloody bat (not barbed-wired, of course, she’s not that monstrous Negan, and if she smashes you with it, she’ll do it because of love). Your mission is to get out of Granny’s house. But be careful: she sees and hears you, and if you drop an object on the floor or make it squeak, you better hide. Luckily, you can do it with one key, if you see a place for that.

Besides Granny, you need to beware her bear traps and nice cute pets that are even more dangerous than herself. You can find some weapons in the house (no spoilers, so we won’t tell you what they are), but they can only stop her for a little while, so RUN!

Easy to say, but the game is full of fine nuances you’ll have to master. There are multiple ways to escape the house (though none of them is quite safe), and the house itself is fun to explore, reminding of 1980s horror esthetics.

Though it’s supposed to be scary, for those familiar with the genre standards it’s pure pleasure to learn. Granny is survival horror at its best, making you hold your breath as you move and hold your heart as it beats too loudly.

Controls — 5/5

It’s quite easy to master the controls system of Granny. But you’ll have to keep your palms on both the keyboard and the mouse. The layout is quite traditional: cursor movement controls the camera, WASD are meant to move your character, E is for taking an object, C is for crouching, E is for hiding, and so on. It seems even easier than in mobile version. The developers didn’t try to invent anything new, and that’s good.

Replay Value — 5/5

Though stealth horror games are not the ones to go through a lot, Granny has all it takes to make a highly replayable game. The house offers some ways to escape, and the granny’s actions depend on the way you act, so there’s no single sequence that leads to successful ending, you need to try and explore. Besides that, as we have said, the house is full of mysterious and terrifying details with bloody stories behind. The most important is that the game has five difficulty levels, and after successful escape at the lowest you can try a harder one.


Some say that Granny is even a better horror game than the famous Five Nights at Freddy’s series. Our Granny review is not about arguing of tastes, but if you compare Granny to FNAF, you’ll come to your own conclusion, and we definitely say it’s worth trying.


  • Graphics 4
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 5


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Granny FAQ

Q1: Where can I install Granny Windows?
A1: You can find and download the game’s version for Windows platform on Steam.
Q2: Can I download Granny on mobile phones?
A2: Yes, it is available on both Android and iOS platforms.
Q3: Where can I find Granny free download for Android?
A3: The game is available on Google Play for free.
Q4: Do developers plan to release Granny online?
A4: Unfortunately, we do not hear about such plans. They did not make any announcements.
Q5: How Granny demo differs from the full version?
A5: As far as we know, the game does not have the demo.
Q6: Is Granny full game scary?
A6: A little bit yes, the game is referred to as horror and thriller genres.
Q7: How the Granny latest version differs from the initial release?
A7: The developers significantly improve gameplay and graphics. Also, a lot of bugs were fixed.
Q8: When was release Granny unblocked?
A8: The game was released in 2017 for mobile platforms, and in 2018 for PC.
Q9: Is Granny torrent legal?
A9: No, torrents are dangerous and illegal files.
Q10: Why Google Play sells Granny free to play game and Steam only paid version?
A10: The game for Windows has much more exciting features; therefore, it is paid. Besides, Granny for iOS and Android contains additional in-app purchases.
Q11: How much Granny costs?
A11: The current price is $4.

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