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House Party Review: Well-Animated Game for Simulation Genreā€™s Fans

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House Party is a 3D fun and interactive game designed for adults. It is still in the Early Access and does not have an exact release date. House Party coming out only for computers, to be more precise, only for Windows platform users. The developers update the game on Steam on a regular basis. House Paty game was designed and published by Eek! Games. It has a lot of different features, and you can be sure that this indie simulation game will not leave you indifferent. Download House Party on your computer today and enjoy the game.

Graphics 5/5

After a detailed House Party review, we can say that the developers created amazing visuals. As the main events are happening at night, there are a lot of neon lights and other effects. Additionally, all characters in House Party full game is sexy, have a voice and well-animated. But you should understand that the game may contain the visual content that is not suitable for all ages, so keep the children away from playing.

Gameplay 5/5

House Party adventure game invites you to a night party. Here you can meet the colorful characters, sexy guests, and face with unpredictable events. What’s unique is that your choices really influence the overall game and can change everything. Only you select how to interact with the guests and be the smart guy who helps the people with their problems or a trouble-maker. Also, you can imagine yourself as a part of a game-maker team using the Custom Story Creator feature. It allows players to design their own stories full of dialogs, interactions, and other things. You can even upload and share it with other players.

In fact, House Party gameplay shares great and sarcastic humor. For now, the title is still in the Early Access stage but it is fully playable. Therefore, there is no House Party free download version. In order to play the game, you need to purchase it on Steam and have at least 5GB of available space on the computer storage, according to House Party system requirements.

Controls 5/5

As the House Party game is available to download only on the computer, it is obvious that you can perform different actions with the help of a mouse or a keyboard. In the left top corner, you can find the information about the character like his preferences and interest in romantic or friendship relations, photo, and name. Also, you can move from one room to another or even go outside.

Replay Value 5/5

The game has several stories that you can already play. And when House Party leaves the Early Access stage, the developers plan to add even more content to increase the replay value and interest to the game. Not only new stories will be added, but new interactions with the elements in the house. And, of course, do not forget about the Custom Story Creator feature. All these things will take time to discover, therefore, players will always return back.

The Bottom Line

House Party is a great game for adult users. It teaches you to interact with different characters and make hard decisions which can change all events. The developers created well-animated characters that are bright and sexy. What’s more, House Party in Early Access stage and the full game is planned to be released in a late of 2019. To download House Party on the computer now, find the link on our site. Just a few clicks and you can play it!

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 5


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House Party FAQ

Q1. What are the leading platforms for House Party besides PC?
A1. You can play House Party on Windows PC, Linux, and Android.
Q2. Where can I download House Party version for PC?
A2. House Party PC version is available on Steam. The game is still in early access phase, but it will cost you no more than $14.99.
Q3. Can I download House Party on Google Play?
A3. House Party APK file is no longer available on the Google Play store, but you can look for it on other Android download services.
Q4. Can I download House Party for free?
A4. The Android version of House Party is free, but it is no longer available from official sources. The PC/Linux version will cost you $14.99.
Q5. Can I play the game House Party online?
A5. No, there’s no way to play this game online yet. But as it’s in early access, you can write to the developers and ask them to add the online mode to the game.
Q6. Where can I find House Party demo?
A6. There’s no demo for the game as it’s still in early access phase.
Q7. When will the full House Party game be released?
A7. Unfortunately, the project is frozen by the developers, and the full version may never see the light of day. The early access version is quite enjoyable though.
Q8. How can I get an unblocked House Party simulator?
A8. You can only buy and download the early access version for the game.
Q9. Should I download the game from torrents?
A9. No, never download Steam Early Access games from torrents. They are underdeveloped and full of bugs you cannot report on.
Q10. Will the full version of House Party be free?
A10. The developers haven’t reported on that yet, but it’s really doubtful.
Q11. Is House Party a free to play game on Android?
A11. A year ago you could download House Party for free and spend some additional money on in-app purchases, but it has been withdrawn from Google Play store.
Q12. Will the price for House Party change when the full version is released?
A12. We have no information on that but recommend you to buy the early access version and take part in the game creation.
Q13. Can I buy House Party from other stores than Steam?
A13. Yes, House Party is also available for purchase on Humble Bundle store,
Q14. Is House Party for sale on physical disk?
A14. No, House Party is in early access phase, it hasn’t been released on physical disk yet.
Q15. How much does the game cost on the Humble Bundle store?
A15. House Party costs $14.99 on Humble Bundle, just as much as on Steam.
Q16. Can I pre-order the full version of House Party?
A16. Unfortunately, the full version of the game may not be released soon. You can only buy its early access version.

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