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Sally Face Review: Uncover the Scary Mysteries

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Sally Face is a game in the adventure genre that follows the mysterious events from the life of Sal Fisher. The minimal system requirements to download Sally Face are Windows 7, MacOS X 10.8, and Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS.

Graphics 5/5

Featuring extremely strange and unique characters, the Sally Face game is meant to be creepy and its developer Steve Gabry definitely achieved this goal. The game has a cartoonish style of graphics, but they look sinister and mysterious thanks to the characters, surroundings, and subdued colors in the environment. The graphics of Sally Face unblocked to create a unique atmosphere that allows you to immerse yourself into the game fully and feel like you are a part of the story.

Gameplay 5/5

The game is focused around its main protagonist, Sal Fisher, who is referred to as Sally Face. The mysterious character wears a mask to hide his scarred face, and we don’t know which tragic events in his childhood led to his trauma. As you can guess from what you read in this Sally Face review, you need to investigate what happened to Sal. The character has been involved in some sinister events, and you will be presented them to explore one by one. The episodes from 1 to 4 are currently available to players.

In Sally Face latest version, you have to interact with whatever you encounter in the protagonist’s world. While his path may not be extremely challenging, the game has interesting twists and turns to keep you searching for more, and it gets you hooked.

Those players that are dedicated to the game can uncover hidden storylines, mini-games, and more dialogues to see what has really happened to Sal. Overall, the Sally Face gameplay manages to keep players suspended and excited.

Controls 5/5

The controls in Sally Face update are extremely simple, and you only need to use several keys on your keyboard to get through the game. There is no need to remember complicated combinations, which can often be quite frustrating. Overall, the experience of navigating through this game is simple and without anything to make you stressed out. If you need to, you can set different keys on your keyboard if you don’t like the default.

Replay Value 3/5

Right now, we don’t know how the story ends, but it’s possible to say that the replay value of this game is on the lower side. While you can play the game again and uncover elements that you have missed, it won’t be as exciting as playing it for the first time due to the nature of the genre. Still, most players will want to play it through after its ending to see what they didn’t notice the first time.

The Bottom Line

The Sally Face full game has quickly become a part of the popular culture thanks to its extremely memorable characters and unique atmosphere. While the gaming is not outstanding when it comes to its gameplay, it still has plenty of worthy elements and layers to make it less obvious. Download Sally Face if you are in the mood for something creepy and gripping to keep you entertained. It is a well-done game that you shouldn’t miss out on.

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 3


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Sally Face FAQ

Q1. Who is the developer of Sally Face Windows?
A1. The game was created and published by the popular video game developer - Steve Gabry.

Q2. Can I download Sally Face on the Linux platform?
A2. Yes, there is a version for the Linux.

Q3. Where can I download Sally Face free on the MacBook?
A3. You can install the version for Mac OS X platform from Steam but it is not for free.

Q4. I want to play Sally Face game online. Can I do it?
A4. The game does not have an online version.

Q5. Is it true that Steam sells only Sally Face demo version?
A5. No, Steam sells only full game’s version. Moreover, Sally Face does not have the demos.

Q6. What is the version of Linux OS I should have to install the Sally Face full game?
A6. You should have Ubuntu 14.05.5 LTS.

Q7. Where can I download the Sally Face unblocked game?
A7. You can install it on your computer from Steam.

Q8. If I do not want to purchase the game, can I install Sally Face torrent?
A8. Actually, torrents are illegal so be careful with them. And we do not recommend you to download them.

Q9. How can I contact the developer to get Sally Face free to play version?
A9. The money from the game’s purchasing is essential to support further development of the game. Besides, Sally Face is a really inexpensive title.

Q10. What is the current Sally Face price on Steam?
A10. The game costs $2.30.

Q11. Can I make the Sally Face pre-order for the upcoming releases on Steam?
A11. No, you cannot leave any requests for the pre-orders.

Q12. What is the Sally Face gameplay about?
A12. You will play as a boy with a prosthetic face who need to know the hidden truth about his past.

Q13. Can I use Sally Face cheats?
A13. No, we do not recommend you to cheat in the game.

Q14. Is it true that multiplayer mode is included in the Sally Face mods?
A14. No, you can play only in a single-player regime.

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