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Stranded Deep Review: Survive On a Tiny Island

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Stranded Deep is a survival action RPG game with a 1st person perspective developed and published by Beam Team Games. During the game, you have to explore the land and the Pacific Ocean to find vital items and protect your life from various dangers. You can download Stranded Deep for your Windows PC, Mac OS X, Linux, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

Graphics 5/5

Like the vast majority of 3D indie survivals, Stranded Deep game is designed with the Unity graphical engine. It presents a very bright and saturated terrain with realistic night/day and weather cycles. All objects are smooth; lighting and shading work very well even with medium adjustments.

Gameplay 4.5/5

In this game, you can experience playing as a man who survived a plane crash somewhere above the Pacific Ocean. Stranded Deep gameplay core is rather similar to other games of the genre. However, there are no annoying conditions like monstrous aborigines from The Forest. It means that you can explore the open world at any time of night and day. Your daily routines include exploration of the tropical island and the underwater world.

Both terrains present different gameplay mechanics. You can hunt for birds and go fishing when you are on the surface. Underwater you have to be ready to protect yourself from shark attacks. There you can find sunken ships that hide a lot of useful items, including food, tools, and medicines.

The land in Stranded Deep full game is not limited to a single island. You can build a raft and try to reach other islands of the tropical archipelago. Unfortunately, there is no chance to meet humans, but wildlife is rather diverse. You can hunt birds, bats, boars, sharks, fish, and many other species.

Crafting options include constructing weapons, rafts, wooden buildings, and even a helicopter. The more stuff you create from various rubbish, the more distant lands you can reach. Your primary mission is to call up for help.

Controls 4.5/5

Versions for PC and Xbox One were tested for this Stranded Deep review. The difference between keyboard and gamepad is not very significant, but aiming much more convenient with a PC mouse. It allows you to aim faster and more precise.

Replay Value 4.5/5

Stranded Deep provides a procedurally generated terrain for exploration. It means that every island and ship you find is more or less unique. The character cannot die completely, so you don’t have to start the new game after each death. This game is suitable for a single walkthrough.

The Bottom Line

Stranded Deep is an excellent survival game with beautiful graphics and unlimited space for exploration. It is a little tricky because of rare prompts, but the feeling of loneliness is very realistic. This game is worth at least 10 hours of exploration, crafting, and attempts to call for help.

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 4.5
  • Controls 4.5
  • Replay Value 4.5


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Stranded Deep FAQ

Q1. Who is the developer of Stranded Deep Microsoft Windows?
A1. The game’s developer and publisher are the same. It is Beam Team Games.
Q2. I want to download Stranded Deep to PlayStation. Can I do it?
A2. Yes, there is a version for PlayStation. Moreover, you can install the game on Linux, macOS, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One.
Q3. Is Stranded Deep free to download for mobile phones?
A3. Unfortunately, there is no version for mobile phones.
Q4. Can I play Stranded Deep game online?
A4. No, the game doesn’t support an online regime.
Q5. Maybe in the future, the developers are planning to release a game’s version for mobile phone, and now can I try Stranded Deep demo?
A5. We do not know if the developers are planning to release the mobile game’s version. So, there is no demo.
Q6. I heard that the game is in Early Access stage. How is Stranded Deep full game version planned to differ from this version?
A6. The developers will add more content and balance Stranded Deep’s mechanics through community feedback.
Q7. Where can I find Stranded Deep unblocked full game?
A7. For now, there is no full game release.
Q8. Ok, what about Stranded Deep torrent? Does it offer a full game?
A8. No, torrent does not offer you a full game. Moreover, it is dangerous, so we do not recommend you to use it.
Q9. Is Stranded Deep free to play game?
A9. No. You need to pay some amount of money if you want to play. These funds are necessary to continue the game’s development.
Q10. What is the current Stranded Deep price on Steam?
A10. The current price is almost $9. But there are a lot of sales, and you can buy the game cheaper.
Q11. Can I make a Stranded Deep pre-order to get the full game’s version first?
A11. No, you can only download the Early Access version. And when the full game will be ready, you will get a notification.
Q12. What features has Stranded Deep gameplay?
A12. In Stranded Deep, you can create an endless number of procedural worlds, hunting, and fishing. Also, the game has a day-night cycle, physically-based crafting system, and more.
Q13. What are the Stranded Deep cheats?
A13. We do not want to tell you about cheats. It can be a spoiler for those who want to play the game by himself.
Q14. Does the game has a multiplayer mode?
A14. No, for now, you can play only single-player. Maybe in the future, the developers will add more Stranded Deep mods.

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