Zero spring episode 3

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Zero spring episode 3 Review

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Official Game Description
It is a sequel to Zero spring episode 2.
And the last episode of "Zero spring".

F4 Key for easy full screen !
The current version is 2.00.
If you want to play the previous version, right-click the game name from the STEAM application and choose Properties, Beta.

(You can get free FPS game "Zero spring episode 1 Director's Cut" after completing this game from our site.
The last screen of the game,you can see password to decompress the game files.)

It is suitable for such players.
I would like to enjoy the continuation of the story easily at cheap price.

It is not suitable for such players.
I want to play JRPG over a long time.
I want to enjoy raising the LV of the character and collecting items.

First you can choose to display the previous synopsis so you can enjoy it without playing the previous game.
Movement / search is 3D FPS format, and battle with enemies is 3D JRPG format.
When you encounter enemies in the 3D movement screen, it switches to the 3D battle screen.
First you can choose English or Japanese.
The user interface will be in English. And the inside of parenthesis is displayed in Japanese.
You can rest in bed of camp.

Game Features
2DCG, completely original characters.
Original 3D character models.(On both the field and battle screen)
Most BGM and songs are our own compositions
Weapons and shields change CG on battle screen.
JRPG with a story line and easy enjoyable difficulty setting.
You have to think a little to solve a mystery.
The element of FPS action like "Zero spring episode 1" disappeared.

How to operate recommended
Change viewpoint with mouse
Walking by W
Decided by space key
Menu screen and cancellation with control key

Method of operation
F4: Easy Full screen.
Mouse: Change viewpoint.
A,Q,W,E,D,Arrow keys: Move player,Function of select
Enter,Space,Ctrl: Function of Enter key
Ctrl: Function of ESC key in Menu panel and battle screen
ESC:Menu panel,Cancel

The leading character Aizawa who finished the cult investigation in the previous
game will start the final investigation in order to clarify the mystery of the spring water.

There is no description in the game
Institute BGM: "Last Search" by NS

You just can't miss this game!
One of the most trending games right now!
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