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Wallpaper Engine Review: Live Wallpapers on Windows

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Wallpaper Engine is the app for making your desktop more cheerful with animated wallpapers. It supports various video formats and lets you record and play your custom videos. You can download Wallpaper Engine for Windows 8.1 or later and completely revamp your desktop view.

Design 5/5

When it comes to apps like this, their own design doesn’t matter much; the wallpapers it brings, that’s what you see. The app itself is hiding in the tray and requires a left click to enter the menu. It takes some time to get used to the interface, but it’s not as complicated as it seems. 

Usability 5/5

First of all, it brings animated wallpapers to your desktop. All you have to do for it is to select one from your library. As you select the wallpaper, it runs on your desktop and plays sounds (if you opt for that). Some wallpapers feature music, some replay game sounds, and, of course, there are silent ones.

You can adjust the wallpaper behavior, choose whether it will run when an application works in windowed or full-screen mode, whether it will play sounds, and so on. Adjustable are the framerate, the interactive features, the resolution, the ratio, and even the number of displays the wallpapers are displayed at. Remember that the smoother the wallpaper goes, the more it impacts the performance for other applications.

So, the app is first of all recommended for desktops, and if you use a laptop (especially if it’s an Ultrabook), you better keep the settings minimal. It also consumes energy and can drain your battery when unplugged. But if it helps you to be more productive or just happier, it’s what the app is meant for. 

Features 5/5

The content it has to offer is extremely various. Along with thousands of wallpapers in Steam Workshop, you can create your own. Its editor is easy and lets you even turn a simple picture or a video into a wallpaper. Unofficial content packs may contain endless gigabytes of wallpapers.

In-App Purchases 5/5

Though the app itself is paid ($3.99), it’s full of free content. Users gladly share their projects on Steam Workshop, and you can download many of them for free. Though there are pirated versions of this app, they don’t provide this access, so the minor economy is not worth this major access.

The Bottom Line

If your desktop is more than just some space for icons, if you are sensitive to the mood it emanates, this app is more than a toy for you. Wallpaper Engine may inspire you with live scenes on your screen and improve your mood. There are some non-gamers that only enter Steam to install this app; and they are happy with it.

Wallpaper Engine is what you need to animate (in both meanings) your desktop. If you download Wallpaper Engine, your desktop becomes anything but a dull workspace. Frames from your favorite games, movies or anything will always set you right.

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 5


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Wallpaper Engine FAQ

Q1. Where can I find Wallpaper Engine for Windows?
A1. You may find it on the Steam store. The link on the direct page of this game is placed in the “Get Game” section. You can download the game on Windows 7, 8.1, and 10.
Q2. Can I use this website to start the Wallpaper Engine download process?
A2. You will find links on the game’s website and Steam Store here. However, we do not sell any games, only share reviews with you and links on the most trustable stores.
Q3. Does Steam offer a free download of Wallpaper Engine?
A3. No, there is no free download version of the game. You will not find it free of charge. However, this game is pretty affordable, and you can buy it even without waiting for seasonal sales.
Q4. Do I need to stay online to play Wallpaper Engine?
A4. No, you don’t have to stay online to play the game. You still have to be connected to the Internet if you want to download Wallpaper Engine on your PC.
Q5. Where can I find a demo of Wallpaper Engine?
A5. There is no demo version of this game. But, you can check out official trailers and watch gameplay reviews on YouTube.
Q6. When was the full game release?
A6. Wallpaper Engine was released in 2018. It was developed by Wallpaper Engine Team. Developers constantly make new updates for this game.
Q7. What does the latest version of Wallpaper Engine contain?
A7. The last update was made by developers in December 2019. They released the winter patch, offering holiday atmosphere, new command-line controls, and video LEDs.
Q8. Is Wallpaper Engine unblocked for any age?
A8. Yes, it does not have age restrictions. Anyone can download the game.
Q9. Where can I find Wallpaper Engine torrent?
A9. We can’t recommend torrents. These files may contain malware, harmful to your PC.
Q10. Will the Wallpaper Engine game be free to play?
A10. Since the game has a low price, it is highly unlikely that developers decide to make it free at all.
Q11. What is the price of Wallpaper Engine?
A11. Wallpaper Engine costs $3.99 on Steam.

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