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Alien world Millionaire

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Alien world Millionaire Review

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1.Game playing method

Players can roll dice to randomly generate 1-6 points, and then move the corresponding steps. When they go to the open space, they can choose to buy real estate. When they go to the counting Road, they can increase the number of tickets.

2.Stock market

Players can click on the stock market at the bottom of the screen to buy stocks.

Some stocks float up and down based on events that are generated by players in the game.

The maximum number of shares that can be purchased is 10000 shares. The person holding the largest number of shares in special stocks will become shareholders. Some market shares will pay dividends on the 15th of each month.

Only bank deposits can buy stocks.

The stock adopts T + 0 system, which can be purchased on the same day and sold on the same day

3.Daily start news

The news will be broadcast every day according to the date

New year's Day: each player gets 5000 yuan

Spring Festival: each player gets 10000 yuan reward

Lantern Festival: all players discharged

Valentine's Day: female players get a card

Women's Day: female players get a card

April Fool's Day: all players get destiny cards at random

All players get one construction card

Dragon Boat Festival: all players get 55 points

Chinese Valentine's Day: all male players get a card

Mid Autumn Festival: all prison players out of prison

National Day: all stores have 7 days off, stock market 7 days, all players have 2 cards.

Christmas: one card for all players


1 remote control dice 02 roadblock 03 bomb card 04 robot

05 card demolition card 06 card construction card 07 card land exchange card

08 card land purchase card 09 card transfer card 10 card time bomb card

11 card sealing card 12 card tax card 13 card hibernation card

14 missile cards, 15 monster cards, 16 transposition cards

17 locomotive cards, 18 rich cards and 19 poor cards

20 card car card 21 card snatch card 22 card stay card

23 tortoise card 24 bubble card 25 Angel card

26 card Luba card 27 card frame card 28 card price increase card

29 card bamboo dragonfly card 30. Red card 31. Black card 32. Blame card

33. Exemption card 34. Free card 35. Seal card 36. God of wealth card

37 big fortune card 38. Small fortune card 39. Great fortune card

40 Archangel card 41. Land public card 42. Poor God card

43. Great poverty card 44. Small decline card 45. Great decline card

46. Little devil card 47. Please God card 48. Send God card

49. Price reduction card 50. Copy card 51. Alliance card 52. Reconstruction card

5.Large buildings

Shopping mall: players will roll dice once when they arrive at the location. Charge: the number of points rolled multiplied by money.

Hotel: players will roll dice once when they arrive at the location. The number of days to roll is the number of days players need to stay. And spend the points you throw by money.

Institute: players can study custom cards.


Gas station: players with locomotives and cars will pay a certain amount of money here.

6.Special road construction

Hospital (completed)

When players arrive at the hospital, they can see the players who are hospitalized here, or the bail in hospital. You can spend coupons to get players and bailers

Prison (unfinished)

When players arrive at the prison, they can see that they are here. They can make players bail or bail NPC prisoners by paying tickets

Robber: a robber can be bailed for 300 points in prison and will return to prison when he passes through the prison again. When he passes the bank, he will rob a large sum of money to the bailor. If other people don't have much deposit, they will get less money. When they meet their opponents, they can grab a card. When they encounter mines or dogs, they will go to the hospital and pay 300 bail.

Thief: a thief can be bailed for 300 points in prison and will return to prison when he passes through the prison again. He would steal half of his opponent's coupons when he met his opponent. When he met with mines, time bombs, roadblocks, gifts and treasure boxes, he would steal them to the bail. If he was bitten by a vicious dog, he would be admitted to the hospital, and he would also need 300 bail.

Rogue: a rogue can be released on bail in the hospital for 300 points. When he passes the hospital again, he will return to the hospital. When he passes another person's site, he will extort the original price of the site, but the money will not be given to the bail. You can also use a steering card or a conveyor. Come back to the hospital if you encounter a mine or a dog.

Spy: a spy can be released on bail for 300 points in the hospital. When he passes through the hospital again, he will return to the hospital. When he passes another person's territory, the owner of the site can pay the agent bail for the toll collected by the site owner. When passing through the company, he can steal all the operating profits of the company. Come back to the hospital if you encounter a mine or a dog.

Bank (complete)

Players can choose to deposit or withdraw money by passing the bank. If they arrive at this location, they can choose to make loans. The loan amount is 10000000, 200005000000, and the daily interest rates are 0.05%, 0.08% and 0.1% respectively. Players' money is deducted directly every 30 days. Prepayment is also possible, but only when you arrive at the bank's location.

Lottery (completed)

Players enter the lottery page after the road. It can be purchased randomly in the number of 1-50. The number of lottery points purchased cannot be purchased again. There's a lotto every month, based on the numbers you buy here, and if no one wins, the prize continues to accumulate. News, fate, and the money that was fined when the poor God was just attached will be included in the bonus. In addition, after the character leaves the scene after bankruptcy, the shares he owned before his death will be sold off immediately, and the money will also be added to the bonus.

Destiny (completion)

Player draws a destiny card

Lucky card (completed)

The player will get a card

7.Special buildings in maps

Shop (complete)

Players can move to the store to buy the required cards.

In the purchase will brush out two special card, special card will have random 10% - 90% discount.

Players can click on their own cards to sell cards, and merchants will only charge 50% of the price of the cards.

You can buy or sell cards and props by counting coupons. You can get different cards each time you enter. However, some props can't be purchased here and can only be developed by the Research Institute. If you become its chairman, you can get a random card or prop when you enter. In addition, as long as there is a role in the department store to buy and sell, then the department store will have profits, shareholders can get dividends on the 15th of each month.

Bank (complete)

Players save money to generate income for the bank, shareholders can get dividends on the 15th of each month.

Millionaire life (completed)

As long as there are shareholders (whether buying stocks with deposits in the stock market or going to the insurance company to buy the original shares with cash), the passers-by will determine the number of days of insurance according to the turntable. Except for the shareholders who are free of charge, the rest of the roles need to pay according to the days of insurance. The payment can be exempted by the great God of wealth, halved by the small God of wealth, exempted by the free card, and removed from the blame card. During the insurance period, the insurance company will immediately pay the same amount of compensation if you draw the fate card fine; if you stay in a hotel, go to prison or disappear, you will pay compensation according to the number of bad days, which will be shared by the shareholders on the 15th of each month. Unlike land, the company can still collect money even if its shareholders are in prison, hospitalized, sleepwalking and hibernating,

Rich man Technology (completed)

Players will pay a certain amount of computer usage fee when they arrive. The chairman will not charge. (the money earned by the company will be distributed to shareholders on the 15th of each month, and the amount of dividend is the percentage of shares held)

Rich man construction (completed)

Players can choose to spend money to cover the house at any place after they arrive. The chairman of the board can directly cover the house without spending money. (the money earned by the company will be distributed to shareholders on the 15th of each month, and the amount of dividend is the percentage of shares held)

Stock Tycoon (completed)

Players will enter the interface when they arrive at this location. Players can spend money to choose whether to predict a certain event of a certain stock. The specific events include: the stock market rises sharply, the stock market falls sharply, a certain stock price limit, a stock price limit, and the stock market is closed. Click Finish to play an animation, and then you will be prompted to predict success or failure. Then quit Interface


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