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Football Manager 2019

Football Manager 2019

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Football Manager 2019 Review: Dive into the world of football

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With Football Manager 2019 you are entering the backstage of the football industry. It is more than a game, and it will require a strategy, knowledge of body language of players, attention to small details during the match. After downloading Football Manager 2019, your task is to gather dream team, train them, build winning tactics and become a part of the football world.

Graphics 5/5

The new game is already known for its realistic graphics. With many more featured upgraded and redesigned logos, it lifts you to the next level of any football game. Don’t forget to enjoy vision play-out on the 3D engine.

Since it is not the first Football Manager, and new editions were coming since 2005, the expectations were high. Developers had to outperform themselves. They created a very appealing picture, considering the physics of the ball, which is hard to recreate in a game.

Gameplay 5/5

In the end, you will play football, using best players, hearing cheers of fans and the sound of ball rushing to the net of the opposite team. But before that, you have to go through a long process of picking your players, training them, creating a strategy and making deals.

The whole process of hiring new players, buying the club and pushing into the first positions in national and then international tables, looks extremely realistic. The training system is taken from the real world examples. Every day your team has such sessions, dedicated to learning of new moves: attacking or defensive, tactics of the game.

Tactics have changed significantly from the first version of Football Manager of 2005, as you may already notice from this Football Manager 2019 Review. Developers added new options for players. They can try themselves in repeating Tiki-taka strategy from Barcelona club, Jurgen Klopp’s Gegenpressing or the famous Jose Mourinho’s bus.

For those, who are new in the world of Football, these tactics will be hard to get at first, but the game offers tutorials and smart menu easy to navigate. First and Second German Division finally have teams, players and all the equipment in the game.

Controls 5/5

If you played previous editions of Football Manager, it is not hard to learn several new updates. Keyboard shortcuts can be reached by default and customized up to your wishes. You will find a variety of shortcuts in preferences.

Navigation is simple to memorize. If you need to go back to Tutorial or ask for help, press F1. Almost all Fs, from 1 to 12 calls some menus, lists, or search as F5 and F7 do. Use Control+L to the table of the league.

Replay Value 5/5

Football Manager 2019 is a never-ending game.  Once you win one match, you want to repeat it, try other competitors, and change all variables. Be sure you don’t have many things to do at home, cause you will be stuck here forever.

You don’t need to buy previous Football Manager games, the newest one contains everything and more. So anytime you want to become a football universe, just come back, play with another team, new coaches, new strategy.


Football Manager 2019 was made to provide the complete experience of being the manager of a team and leading them from one competition to another. It feels so real, that you may decide on changing profession in the nearest future. While it is the most complex challenge comparing to other football games, it is the best so far.

The game helps to learn football tricks, modern strategies and understand the industry from inside. It may give you some fresh knowledge of tactics football teams use in real life.


  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 5


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Football Manager 2019 FAQ

Q1. I would like to download Football Manager 2019 for free. How can I do that?
A1. Sorry, Football Manager is not a free game, you can buy it on Steam and other game stores for $37.99.
Q2. Is Football Manager 2019 available for digital download?
A2. Absolutely! You can download the game from its official site and all the main game web stores.
Q3. Is Football Manager 2019 available for PC?
A3. Yes, you can play Football Manager 2019 on your PC with Windows, OSX and Linux operating systems.
Q4. Is Football Manager 2019 a cheap game?
A4. We wouldn’t say so. Football Manager 2019 is the latest word in football simulators and it costs quite a lot. You’ll have to pay around $40 to get its digital or physical copy.
Q5. Can I get Football Manager 2019 on Steam?
A5. Yes, of course. Football Manager 2019 is available for purchase on Steam for $37.99.
Q6. What is the cheapest way of getting Football Manager 2019?
A6. The average price of the game is $35, but with discount codes and holiday offers you may get it for the reduced price of $20 to $25.

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