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Do you get excited hearing Disneyland or Six Flags? If yes, then you will love Planet Coaster simply because it gives you an opportunity to build your own versions of Port Aventura or any other amusement park of your dream. Planet Coaster doesn’t limit your fantasies and gives all necessary instruments to create whatever you want.

But don’t think that building and managing an amusement park is a simple job. You will be surprised by the number of those things that should be taken into account. You can even start thinking that a park building is the easiest part of this game. And I will explain you why.

Graphics 3.5/5

Planet Coaster has gorgeous graphics and smooth animation. Everything is decorated in such a positive and colorful style that you might feel as if you are in a real amusement park. Cartoon characters look beautiful and complete those picturesque landscapes on the backdrop. After building at one ride or building, you won’t stop decorating it because all the structures look amazing. However, there is one problem with the graphics that might occur from time to time: pictures can get a little blurry for a while. But once you solve this small issue you return to that beautiful and magic fairy tale again.

Gameplay 5/5

As I’ve already said, Planet Coaster allows you to create an amusement park of your dream and gives you all the instruments for this. You start with rides constructing, planning where to make paths, how to direct lines and where to make exits. You should also take care of your future visitors and build some food stands for them, drink stalls, toilets, small souvenir shops, candy and balloon stores, etc.

Construction of your amusement park might be the easiest part of the gameplay because whenever you’re done with the building, you need to hire working staff like mechanics, conductors, sale assistance, cleaners and much more to keep your park in good order. Don’t forget to monitor your finances and invest money profitably to make your business reliable and stable. It’s also important to keep your guests happy by providing them with the quality service, the latest popular attractions like water rides, top-notch coasters, crazy rolls, loops, twists and grant them with the overall excellent customer experience that will make them love every spent minute in your park. So your primary goals in Planet Coaster is to keep your visitors excited, your employees motivated, and your business successful.

Planet Coaster has three different modes to play: Challenge, Sandbox, and Career. In the Challenge mode, you have a classic scenario, limited money and a small selection of rides to begin. The Sandbox mode doesn’t differ a lot from the previous one, but you get unlimited finances there. The last one - Career mode gives you a pre-made scenario which might be a bit boring for you if you like to learn and create everything by yourself.

You might get lost at the first time you dive into construction and management and, unfortunately, there is no tutorial for beginners at all. But you can find there some links to YouTube videos with the game’s basics and get to know all the instruments for creating and managing rides and shops closer. There are enough efficient and enjoyable tools for bringing all your ideas to life. Therefore, you can easily let your creativity go as far as it possible and make your own uniquely themed and decorated amusement park.

Controls 4.5/5

Planet Coaster has a straightforward and intuitive control system. With the simplicity of controls, you feel like your creative possibilities in this game are endless. All the Planet Coaster's tools are extremely flexible so that you will get used to them pretty fast. Pull the earth up quickly whenever you need to mold tunnels through it, create a spiral staircase to reach an elevated platform or lay down tracks on the vast chasms with just a similar pathing tool. For instance, if you want to snake a path between obstacles instead of drawing out a route, use the pathing tool that will lay down all the suggested pieces. You can even set the direction and elevation of a piece with just your PC mouse and click anywhere to place the segment. However, you need to use a few handy additional buttons that help you to adjust the bend and rotation of each track piece or to fix some complex turns and other details.

Moreover, you can adjust any of your construction after it's been fully built. If you made any mistakes, you can instantly remove them using the universal Ctrl+Z shortcut and get all spent money refunded in full. So you might experiment without the fear of punishment as many times as you want.

Replay Value 5/5

Planet Coaster lets you use some pre-designed shops and sceneries, but there is also an option to build everything by yourself from scratch. And this is why so many players are addictive to this game. Of course, you will need some passion and time to learn all the constructing details and requirements, but when you get deeper into the gameplay, you will easily lose yourself in the game for dozens of hours. Also, everything that you’ve constructed can be saved and shared with your friends or other players. So there is always something to improve and somebody to surprise.

In-app purchases

Planet Coaster has enough additional content to make this game even more interesting and exciting. All of these adds are not highly expensive so that you will get a decent gaming experience.


Planet Coaster is a beautiful game with an intricate and complex gameplay that will quickly make you addictive to it. In a good sense, of course. The game has a gorgeous cartoon graphics, wide options for your constructing creativity, motivating scores and missions. All the in-game tools for building and managing your uniquely themed park are impressive and intuitive. Even if you’re new to this game series, you will enjoy Planet Coaster because it is highly focused on the positivity that every amusement park brings.


  • Graphics 3.5
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 4.5
  • Replay Value 5


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Planet Coaster FAQ

Q1. Can I play Planet Coaster game for free?
A1. No. Planet Coaster is a paid game.
Q2. Can I download Planet Coaster for free?
A2. No. You need to pay for the Planet Coaster game before you can download it.
Q3. Can I play Planet Coaster on PS4?
A3. No. It is only available for Windows PC.
Q4. How much does Planet Coaster cost on Steam?
A4. Planet Coaster costs $44,99 on Steam.
Q5. Where can I find Planet Coaster update information?
A5. You can find it on the official game site.
Q6. Where can I watch the Planet Coaster trailer?
A6. You can watch the Planet Coaster trailer on the official game site as well as on YouTube.

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