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Introduction to evil city map

Map overview: Sin City has three banks, four streets, two tanks (one of which is AI), an underground shelter and a restaurant.

Online mode: the game supports multi person online (LAN and WAN), and the number of rooms can be customized. Players will revive in the underground shelter. After leaving the shelter, there is really no rule. For the sake of fairness, after all players (clients) die, others cannot pick up their equipment, and the dead players will leave the room automatically. Server players have the right to revive after death. There are a lot of materials in the three banks: howitzers, advanced rifles, sniper rifles, anti tank rockets and bulletproof vests. At the same time, there are a lot of enemies in the three banks. The enemies are very fierce. At the same time, players can fight in the city, form gangs, and restaurants and a bank can be used as a safe house, The other two banks may automatically generate enemies (note).

It is not enough to attack the bank copy only by weapon strength. The developer suggests that it be divided into the following positions: Captain, raider, sniper and medic.

The following are the gun allocation and responsibilities of each position:

1. Team leader: looking at the overall situation, he is responsible for the scheduling and command of team members. The role of team leader is quite large. Team cooperation and reasonable allocation of resources directly affect the next process. In case of the death of the team leader, the loss to the team is immeasurable, so it is recommended to equip guns as follows: ordinary rifles, advanced pistols, bullets: 15mm:60, 9mm:24, and three rolls of bandages.

2. Raider: responsible for protecting the safety of the captain, silently reconnaissance the enemy as much as possible, reporting points to the sniper, and assisting the captain in formulating the station plan and protecting the team members, so it is equipped with the following: Advanced rifle, ordinary pistol, bullets: 15mm:90, 9mm:40, and two rolls of bandages.

3. Sniper: responsible for killing the enemy from a long distance, reducing the loss of the team, and obeying the orders of the Raider and the captain, so it is equipped with the following: sniper rifle (ordinary / mosingbic), bullet: 15mm:30.

4. Medical soldiers: when a member is seriously injured, the medical team members should provide drugs and military rations (water and canned food) in the rear, and also have a certain self-protection ability. The drugs should be worn as much as possible, so the matching is as follows: Advanced pistol, bullet: 9mm:35, bandage six rolls.

The system of ranks and ranks is as follows:

Note: only when the level is greater than 100, the rank system automatically overwrites the rank

By purchasing this game, players can experience the shooting feel of guns in this game. Similarly, this game provides a military rank system to increase players' interest in playing, and players can make more friends and enhance friendship through multiplayer games

The story behind the game: Grandpa, Grandpa, what's that? Little boluofu looked at the sky and asked the grandpa, one summer afternoon, they were enjoying the cool at the gate of the factory. A UFO directly dropped a virus missile without saying a word, causing the factory and local people to be infected with Z virus. The sudden invasion made the United Nations vibrate greatly. In order to hide this matter, the high-level leaders came forward to confuse the people and put their hopes on the peace talks (there is a difference of Five Civilized points in science and technology, but they can't fight). Aliens soon learned all human languages. Requirements: 1 Contract all hospitals and prisons to aliens (Note: conduct human experiments) 2 Cede most of the water source 3 It is forbidden to use navigation, network, GPS and other communication equipment. The people are very dissatisfied that the network is not used alone. Coupled with colonial rule, mankind is ready to revolt. Although the equipment is simple and crude, the Chinese never flinch in the face of powerful enemies. The X-1 is the most powerful armor in the world. It can still be used for repair. Hey, Captain master, this is recruit Cooper, come and report. Well, recruits, today is very punctual. We are going to Chernobyl today. Our task is to get the virus samples from the Research Institute and wait for our helicopter. It was to ensure the completion of the mission. However, our warship was attacked on the way. Only I came to Chernobyl alive. Captain master asked me to wear X-1 armor and complete the character he wanted to accomplish in his life before he died. I nodded. There are many infected people and aliens in Chernobyl, plus insufficient supplies. Fortunately, the monster dropped all kinds of equipment, and I was lucky to survive. When the helicopter came to pick me up, I breathed deeply and finally evacuated. Latest intelligence: Dr. Kane, who studied virus samples, was robbed by aliens and locked up in a local hospital in Japan. For the future of mankind, it is time to save Dr. Kane. The hospital is not short of materials. For the wave after wave of alien attacks, I was beaten back by myself. I received a notice: there are important materials and armaments in the hospital. Take them with me, and I also successfully completed the mission on my way to Tokyo, The helicopter was hit by an alien electromagnetic pulse and was shot down at the gate of a school named James. I reported this to the organization. They found that the pulse at night was relatively small, and they could arrange evacuation. They ordered me to do everything possible to survive until night, so I had to stay in this abandoned school for a while. Time soon arrived. In the evening, I sealed all the windows and doors with sandbags, but I couldn't stop some fish from escaping. After cleaning, I came to the attic. I followed the helicopter of the double line army to Tokyo. The battle of Tokyo is the most important battle, which is related to the life and death of mankind. The organization saw that I had X-1 armor, so it sent me to perform it alone. I took the Tokyo express and came to the street. I had to do it. The street was full of aliens and the green head matrix. At this time, I realized that the story had just begun

The game is introduced: on Sunday in 2035, the aliens on Ganymede invaded the earth and promised to give mankind a better future verbally. But in fact, this is an ornament of colonial rule. They brought z-112, a pathogen on Ganymede. This virus can infect humans. It is the human brain controlled by the UFO Central controller, which automatically locks humans in a few miles around. After infection, it is divided into two kinds of people, flawed people and the mother, The flawed person has 100 blood, but the movement speed is relatively slow, the mother moves faster, but the IQ is not high, and has independent thoughts. In order to resist foreign enemies, human beings have set up a double line secret service force that shocked the world. The double line secret service force is wearing the world's most advanced X-1 protective clothing, which can be immune to virus infection, but it is still slightly inferior in the face of alien attacks. X-1 can enable human beings to obtain extremely fast labor speed and ability to display skills, and has more bullets than other rebel forces. It can be described as the king of land warfare.

Highlights of the game: rich shooting feel, excellent game mode, top-level game mechanism, and cheap price

Our games welcome you to report bugs and put forward valuable suggestions for games, so that Chinese Games will become more and more international

This is a shooting game. When customers buy products, players can enjoy the wonderful plot and unique shooting mode in the game. Our products include plot mode, crime city, escaping from prison and training ground. Novices are welcome as much as possible. Online mode can rob banks with teammates. In single mode, our protagonist is Cooper, who is a qualified double-line agent, Players will manipulate him to complete the plot mode and escape from prison. Players can fully experience the fun of shooting games in this game, and players can expect to get an excellent game experience from purchase


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