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Arizona Derby 2

Arizona Derby 2

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Arizona Derby 2 Review

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Hi, dudes and welcome to "Arizona Derby 2" off-road challenges. If you're a racer, it is a one-stop to the most exciting offroad events ever.
If you're hooked to the offroads, then this is completely the most exciting place to be nowadays.

After the successful competitions at our first AD challenges, we're setting out new contests for the 2022/23 season with a whole new, super exciting 'Arizona Derby 2' storyline, tracks that will move the limits of computer-generated racings, as you knew it through decades.

Yea, you guess right, there will be many new and fabulous things for you to play in Arizona Derby 2. If you're tired of classic racing game franchises with dull, monotonous tracks with zero actions, we're here for you to step up in a whole new fantastic setup, where each second is filled with absolute action.

AD2 will shake the gaming world, move the standards to unimaginable levels, and hooked you up to the most intense activities ever. The game's been polished through the three years after launching, working with racers great feedback, implementing a few thousand of the utmost features in about 70 updates. We polished the game, addressing any comment, everything you guys wanted to be, and now we're all set for the next step.

Not any other car racing game will have similar fun-packed effects and atmosphere, even close to this. AD2 will still be a step ahead in terms of superb graphical features of the tracks, and the best car shaders yet with many unique colors, never seen at other racing games. Colors will smoothly be blending out in many features and customizations. Car shaders feature such detailed looks, with super realistic weather effects and reflections, bringing you a step closer to reality! Yea, you'll almost no distinguish that you aren't in the tracks, especially in the VR version!

AD2 will feature insane levels of graphics with new, amazing landscapes, and you'll travel to tens of exciting locations across the globe, buying and tuning hundreds of exotic cars. The customization level will be so detailed, so you can adjust and show up your best rigs to the world. Physics will be moved to a whole new level at racing games ever. The game will feature ultra-realistic physical offroad world simulations. It will bring real-world performances, driving you through the wildest offroads like you're there.

What's also new is Outlaw Worlds! First time in offroad racing, you can choose your side, law enforcement or tuned outlaw who don't care to do anything to win. With tens of the most exciting, tuned cop cars with never earlier seen level of cop customizations in any game. They will be packed, colored bull bars from all sides, fancy blinkerseverything you need to stop those outlaws. On a fugitive side, you'll progress with the regular game, get new cars, tune it, and when you decide to show your renegade nature, you'll step up in the Outlaw Worlds and heat the offroads like no one before.

Now let's go straight out to the competitions! A-I competitors will have a new level of intelligence, even further from initially very challenging and smartly driven opponents. You'll be met with all of the old gang members, but the whole new bosses will come to lead those familiar gangs from previous locations.

This landscape has stunning beauty, but you need top skills to win and put your name on the leaderboards. All tracks are set now in the unique new spots, organizing this most exclusive, most forbidden, and most superior offroad competitions you've ever been to. New locations are hidden gems across the world.

You will drive from picturesque Alpean mountains in Italy to cold winter wetlands in Alaska. Finally, the most challenging offroad location, set up in Arizona, is now revealed. This is all of the tens of thousands "Arizona Derby 1" players waited through years!

For the first time, in the Arizona Derby race, we'll take you to explore the amazing Grand Canyon with unspoiled offroad beauty, full of super intense actions through the cliffs across steep rocky mountains. Roads will drive you through the deep valleys and over canyon spring waters, bringing you ahead to the captivating off-roads.

You'll also set to drive through the beauty Idaho locations, and here at the heart of Hawaii, a tropical race will be all you ever wanted.

Super exotic cars, tropical days, packed with racing glory.

You have to set whole new leaderboards records, like "XX-ZERO-XX", the player who set best times and won through one thousand tracks, becoming ultimate No.1 Offroad Racer; then amazing LUNATEK who put tons of top records.
There's an incredible NIGHTVISION hookup at top lists, MARTENS78 that topped out amazing scores, FLASHBAC85 with its amazing style popping the leaderboards like it's nothing, TOYSPACE with his great records and nice toy cars depicting Arizona Derby, then CODEX and many many others, namely over thousands that can't be mentioned here. And thank you all, guys and girls, and let's now race worldwide offroad class competitions with Arizona Derby 2.

Come and join us in our passion for the thousands of horsepowers, tuned and set for the exploring wildest offroads ever. That's why we're all hooked to the off-roads.

Welcome to the Arizona Derby 2!


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