Armed and Gelatinous [v1.2b]

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Armed and Gelatinous [v1.2b] Review

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Official Game Description

Blobs in Space

Armed and Gelatinous is a 1-4 player fast-paced bullet-hell space-shooter that pits you against your friends in epic games of blob warfare! Your gelatinous blob grows in size with each weapon you collect, trading agility for firepower. Play at home on the couch or go up against players all around the world with Armed and Gelatinous Online!

Collect, Grow, and Fight

With each weapon collected, your blob's girth increases, along with its destructive power! Massive blobs gain increased health but suffer a loss in speed and agility. Little guys can easily dodge bullets and their supercharged Dash Attack has a longer range.

Score, Dodge, and Evade

Feeling sporty? Between Blob Soccer, Blob Bombardment, and Blob Blitz, there's no end in sight to the amount of fun to be had on your couch or online against players around the world!

Match Types

Personalize matches however you like in a variety of game modes:
  • Point Match
  • Time Match
  • Stock Match
  • Combo King
  • Blob Soccer
  • Blob Bombardment
  • Blob Blitz (Coming Soon)
  • Drone Decent (Coming Soon)

Custom Match ups

Customize each match by setting the target point counts, timer lengths, or number of lives! A full arsenal menu allows you to choose from a a multitude of weapons where you can set the match to an RPGs only (a fan favorite) or try out your dash skills with no weapons at all!

Current Features

  • Six Couch Competitive Game Modes
  • Six Gelatinous Galaxy Arenas
  • Grow To Massive Size
  • Ten Weapons Of Destruction
  • Super Dash Ability
  • Kill Streak tracking
  • Match Customization
  • Explosive and Health Crates
  • 21 Original Sound Track
  • Space Tacos!

Current Game Modes

  • Point Match
  • Time Match
  • Stock Match
  • Combo King
  • Blob Soccer
  • Blob Bombardment

Planned Features

  • Online Multiplayer (Currently In Development)
  • Additional Game Modes (Blob Blitz and Drone Decent)
  • Party Mode
  • New Battle Arenas and Galaxies
  • User Interface Polish (Pre, During and Post Game)
  • New Special Effects and Particles
  • Additional Art Assets
  • Soundtrack Selection Control
  • Steam Trading Cards
  • Steam Cloud Saves
  • Progression System
  • Save Data
  • Hidden Cheats

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