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Ben 10 Review: Run, Ben, Run!

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Professional Review

Ben 10: Up to Speed is one of the latest titles of the Ben 10 franchise. It’s an endless runner with a boy who doesn’t stop even for a minute. Your mission as a player to control this unstoppable boy. Action-packed and adventurous hours of playing are guaranteed.

Ben Tennyson will make his attempts to break different obstacles on his way, as well as crash tricky enemies and avoid dangers. He will do everything just to win. If you are with him, then faster download Ben 10. In our Ben 10 review, some tips are collected to simplify your gaming experience with the boy.

Graphics — 5/5

Funny, cartoonish graphics are the thing the players like so much about Ben 10. Colorful and bright visuals quickly capture your attention and help you immerse into the swift gameplay entirely.

With the help of graphics, it is easier to feel the game’s dynamics. The backdrops, running lanes, and enemies change rapidly. Sometimes auto-runners are boring, but not this time. The cheerful mood created by visuals and unstoppable action, what more to wish from the game of that genre? Shiny and sleek graphics are at the highest level indeed.

Gameplay — 4.5/5

The gameplay of Ben 10 is based on a cartoon’s story. According to the plot, the main character Ben 10 can turn into ten amazing aliens: the whole game holds on this idea. Ben can stay in the alien’s guise only as long as the alien has health. Otherwise, he is forced to take the human or some other form. But in practice, you can just push one button and beat everyone, without worrying about anything.

Sometimes you can hit in a jump or use a rechargeable seizure for a few seconds. If the game itself motivates you, start looking for some experiments with combat techniques and characters.

The aliens in whom Ben is turning from time to time really differ from each other. Some are slow and strong; others are fast and capable of slowing down time, others are forced to move continually, to put pressure on the enemy.

Ben 10 is a protector of the planet. And the gameplay obeys to this idea accordingly. A regular runner with plenty of levels doesn’t mean you will run endlessly. Each level that you unlock by winning the previous run gets more difficulties and requires the use of different combos and twists, such as giving the runner a weapon or adding power-ups. With three lanes for running in the game, you always can find some coins to collect, obstacles to avoid, and enemies to defeat.

Learn how to choose the best possible alien’s form and how to make the best use of the Omnitrix watch. Attack monsters in time and get specific rewards.

Controls — 4.5/5

Ben 10 offers you rather intuitive and simple controls to master all Ben’s actions. In most of the runner genre games, you need to control a character by mechanics that are constantly running towards a destination. You cannot stop the runner. However, you can control his jumps, the direction of his moves, and change speed in some games.

In Ben 10, however, the mechanics are slightly different. The player only needs to swipe left and right to switch lanes, up to jump, and down to slide or attack. To turn into an alien, just tap the Omnitrix. You can also change Ben’s speed by defeating multiple enemies at one time and using superpowers.

Replay Value — 4.5/5

Ben 10 is the dynamical game and becomes addictive very fast. So be ready to spend a lot of hours with unstoppable Ben. Download Ben 10, if you want to explore the game runner genre and get the colorful, swift title in your collection of games.

The Bottom Line

For all of the fans of endless runner genre and the Ben 10 franchise, this title would seem a perfect match.


Ben 10 is the game which is fun enough to spend many hours running. Your legs won’t ache from this running, but you will be addictively chained to your PC screen with no opportunity to stop playing.

Pros : Colorful graphics
Handy controls
Addictive gameplay

Cons : Some technical issues with the Omnitrix

Graphics 5

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 4.5

Average : 4.6

Everyone recommends to play it!
Everyone enjoy playing this game
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