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Geometry Dash Review

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Geometry Dash is a top rated runner-platformer for mobile devices that was launched at first in 2013 by Robert Topala and his company RobTop Games and designed later for PCs. Geometry Dash seems to be a simple game without anything special in it, but it’s just on the first appearance. You can download Geometry Dash for PC, Mac and other consoles just checking "Get Game" page.

While playing the first mission, you understand that only patient people will find this game entertaining because it will definitely make you nervous for the first time. Prepare yourself to control figures in a two-dimensional world, calculate distances between platforms, make jumps and die a lot!

Graphics 5/5

Graphically Geometry Dash is stunning. It has a futuristic pixel style with vibrant colors and dynamic animations. The game’s gorgeous-looking visuals won’t distract you from the gameplay, rather complete the appearance.

The colors change rapidly throughout the game which looks nice, but a quick changing of frame rate can be confusing sometimes. Each track has a special color and design. In addition to own color, it also has a smile, which can range from happy to furious one.

Gameplay 5/5

Your primary task in Geometry Dash is to complete at least one level until the end. It sounds pretty easy, but when you start playing, you realize that you need some skills to win. However, if you don’t avoid an obstacle, you die and start over. You play with a figure that transforms into seven different forms which all behave in own ways and have various features.

In addition to jumps, you'll also have to lead some additional figures at particular levels or play upside down which will be certainly confusing for you after completing levels in a regular way. Somewhere you might get a few bounce pads, circles for double jumps, special spheres that let you fly in the air, tricks for gravity changing and other interesting mechanics. There are also some special portals which allow you to pass through them and change a figure’s size, speed, gravity, teleport or a character entirely. Along the way, you will have a chance to collect three secret coins on each level which are usually hidden in some hard-to-reach places.

All of the levels are unlocked from the beginning so that you can play them out of order. Moreover, there is a practice mode available which allows you to save checkpoints and go back to them when you’re dying instead of starting over again. If you complete a level, you will get diamonds and orbs that can be used to purchase various in-game bonuses.

Controls 4/5

There are 20 levels in the game in total, and you’ll not complete them shortly. You will need to have a good reaction and make a lot of attempts to learn the track. Despite the complex gameplay, the controls are easily managed with only one button. It is fine if you get lost whenever you see small platforms with a huge distance between each other. Just keep in mind the fact that this distance doesn’t change, so you simply need to figure out a right time to start your jump and click a button on the mouse. You can’t control the speed of the icon’s moving, only if you don’t have a special changing portal. So you will have to train your reaction and a clicking speed for the first time.

Replay Value 3.5/5

As I mentioned above, Geometry Dash is for patient people because playing it will likely make you nervous rather than relaxed. Endless dying and starting over, again and again, isn’t a favorite playing model for most of the people. Therefore, even if you try playing this game, I can’t guarantee that you will find it incredibly entertaining.

However, for those players who satisfied with such gameplay, RobTop prepared an interesting feature - creating own levels. There is a pretty solid editor in the game, and with its help, you can set up platforms, dangers, boosts, different songs to complement your creation and much more. In a case when you don’t have enough creativity, you can try plenty of various user-generated levels made by other players in the game. You can find them by setting filters for popular levels or the most complicated with three more categories. So it's hard to be bored in this game because it always gets updates.

In-app purchases

Geometry Dash is one of the nicest offers on any game market because its price is only $4 and it doesn’t have any in-app purchases which makes the game easy to enjoy.


Geometry Dash is an enjoyable game with amazing visuals and a highly challenging gameplay. You will need to have some patience because this game might be a little bit frustrating sometimes, but you can always complete the levels by using the practice mode or change a regular level to any user-generated one. Download Geometry Dash and try to jump your way to the end.


  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 3.5


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Geometry Dash FAQ

Q1. How to download Geometry Dash for Android?
A1. You can download Geometry Dash from the Google Play store. Just find the app with the help of a search bar.
Q2.Where else can I download Geometry Dash?
A2. You can download Geometry Dash on such web stores as Google Play, App Store, Steam and Microsoft store.
Q3. Can I download Geometry Dash for free?
A3. Geometry Dash is a paid game, but it costs from $2 to $4 on all stores.
Q4. Can I play Geometry Dash online?
A4. No, Geometry Dash is not an online multiplayer, but you will need to go online for updates.
Q5. Is there a demo version of Geometry Dash?
A5. No, there isn’t. Geometry Dash is a simple yet very addictive game, so there’s no need for the demo.
Q6. Is Geometry Dash full game available?
A6. Yes, the full version of Geometry Dash is available for PC, Mac OS, and mobile platforms.
Q7. What is the difference between the unblocked Geometry Dash and its legal version?
A7. We’re not sure there’s an unblocked version for such a simple game. Geometry Dash official version is inexpensive and beautiful to play.
Q8. Is there a torrent file for Geometry Dash?
A8. Some torrents will offer you to download Geometry Dash for free, but we wouldn’t recommend doing that. Torrent files may cause damage to your system.
Q9. Are updates in Geometry Dash free?
A9. Yes, if you buy the basic version of the game, you will get access to all the future updates.
Q10. Is Geometry Dash a free to play game?
A10. No, Geometry Dash has nothing in common with free to play games. It’s a causal action game for a single player.
Q11. What is the price of Geometry Dash on Steam?
A11. Current Steam price for Geometry Dash is $3.99. It may get cheaper during the holidays.
Q12. Can I buy Geometry Dash on mobile app stores?
A12. Yes, Geometry Dash is available for purchase on Google Play and App Store, as well as on Microsoft store.
Q13. Is Geometry Dash for sale for consoles?
A13. No, unfortunately, you cannot play Geometry Dash on consoles.
Q14. How much does the game cost on Microsoft store?
A14. Currently, Geometry Dash costs $1.99 on Microsoft store.

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