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GTFO Review: A Fascinating Co-Op Horror Shooter That Takes Unpredictability to the New Level

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GTFO is the newest creation of 10 Chambers Collective that became available in early access on December 9, 2019. It is a horror shooter where you have to cooperate with 3 of your friends to carry out many challenging expeditions through an extensive underground complex swarmed with infernal beings. Download GTFO and see how long you can survive this dreadful ordeal.

Graphics 5/5

The video representation of the game is dazzling. The settings look more than great: every little detail is carefully drawn, with special focus being placed on the lighting and illumination. The overall atmosphere of the game is dark and bone-chilling, which is just what a good horror game needs.

Gameplay 5/5

The game's plot centers on a series of challenging missions that you and your friends undertake in the abandoned underground facilities overrun with unearthly creatures. The success of your quest and your survival depend on how effectively the four of you can communicate with one another, synchronize your actions, and allocate the scarce ammunition you have. As you move from one chamber to another, you will have to solve various puzzles and discover essential items. GTFO has no leveling system as such, so your progression through the game is founded mainly on uncovering better weapons, advancing your gear, and adopting new co-op tactics. In general, GTFO is more about cautiously exploring the map, collecting valuable artifacts and resources, and stealthily taking your enemies down one by one than riding them with automatic gunfire.

Controls 4/5

GTFO currently allows mouse and keyboard control only, with controller support being scheduled for later updates. However, even when playing with controllers, you will still have to use your keyboard to manage various in-game things like terminals. In general, the KBM control scheme is clear and easy to adjust to.

Replay Value 5/5

The GTFO levels are tough and take one a lot of time and expertise to complete, so there is no such thing as quick winning here. The maps are randomly generated with each new run, challenging you in different ways and requiring new tactics, abilities, and weapons. GTFO is super replayable and promises hundreds of fun-filled hours spent in the game.


GTFO is not like other co-op games where you can just run around shooting everything that moves and hope that your teammates will catch up. Here, the main emphasis is on cooperative work and well-oiled communication between the players who need to stick together and share their skills to stay alive and fulfill the goal of the mission. Download GTFO to experience one of the most nerve-wracking horror shooters ever!

GTFO maintains a delicate balance of ever-rising tension and hardcore action, which makes this sci-fi horror shooter a real treat.

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 5


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Q1. Where can I download the Windows version of GTFO?
A1. GTFO was originally developed for the Windows platform. You may download it from Steam Store or Humble Bundle. You may find links here, on this page, behind the “Get Game” button.
Q2. What Windows version do I need for GTFO download?
A2. The game is currently available for Windows 7 and 10. Check all the requirements of the game before you buy it.
Q3. Where can I find a GTFO free download option?
A3. There is no free download for GTFO. The game can be bought from official stores.
Q4. Do I have to stay online to play GTFO?
A4. Actually, yes. You have to stay connected to the Internet. This is a coop game. You have to be online, chat with your friends. Beware! There is no talk chat in the game! Developers recommend to you Discord.
Q5. Is there a demo version of GTFO?
A5. You can check out the gameplay demo of GTFO on YouTube. Steam offers you official trailers and short tutorials.
Q6. Is GTFO full game available?
A6. GTFO is still in early access, which may give you several advantages, like the low price and ability to improve the game with your recommendations to developers. This game was in early access for 4 years. Developers say that early access will remain for 1 year more.
Q7. What was changed in the latest version?
A7. The latest updates came out in December 2019. Developers fixed several bugs and added support of controller, more languages, improved weapons.
Q8. Are all the features unblocked in GTFO early access?
A8. Developers plan to improve the game before the official release. They may add more languages and improve the levels of the game.
Q9. Can you suggest to me the torrent for GTFO downloading?
A9. We do not suggest any websites that may potentially do harm to your software. We advise you to use official game stores or website of the game.
Q10. Will it be free to play after the official release?
A10. No, developers say that they may even double the current price after the official release. We recommend you to buy the game while it is still in early access.
Q11. What is the price of GTFO?
A11. GTFO costs $34.99 in early access.

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