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Hades Review: Check Out This New Combat-Filled Roguelike Runner from Supergiant

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Hades is a breathtaking mix of a classic roguelike and a fast-paced runner filled with fierce combats that takes its inspiration from Greek mythology. Download Hades in its early access release and start your journey through the dangerous Underworld to blissful Mount Olympus.

Graphics 5/5

Hades looks remarkably vibrant and polished for a game that is still in its active development stage. The comic book art style is glorious: each of the Underworld locations is lavishly drawn, brightly colored, and filled with tons of tiny atmospheric details.

Gameplay 5/5

You play for Zagreus, Hades’ rogue son, who disobeys his father and tries to fight his way out of the grim Underworld to ascend Mount Olympus to join other gods. Escaping the Netherworld is something no man or immortal has done before, so Hades is determined not to let you set a dangerous precedent. He will send his loyal retinue to stop and prevent you from getting further away from home. Zagreus has mentors of his own who tell him new things about the Underworld every time an escape attempt fails. Such bits of information, along with sarcastic comments from Hades and encouraging messages of support from the Olympian gods, blend in to create an exciting and relatable storyline that will capture your attention for long hours. As Zagreus makes his run through the many demon-filled rooms, he grows his powers, learns new abilities, and advances his weapons. Each completed level brings you some reward that facilitates your further attacks.

Controls 5/5

The game is optimized to play smoothly on the gamepad as well as on the mouse and keyboard. Both control schemes are fully customizable and feel equally easy and straightforward, so choosing between them should depend on the player’s personal preferences.

Replay Value 5/5

This game can run for many hours without feeling a bit repetitive. Even when you die losing all your upgrades and boons, you can start over, create a brand-new Zagreus equipped with new skills, and opt for new fight tactics. You can also purchase permanent upgrades that will stay with you across all your future runs.


Hades embodies all the essential elements of a successful roguelike game: a captivating storyline, fierce fights, meaningful motivation, lots of character customization options, and exciting game progression. Hades is still in its early access stage, so we might see an even more impressive and fascinating game in the future. Download Hades early access release now to hack and slash your way to Olympus.

With more characters, levels, powers, and weapons yet to come, Hades is far from being finished. If you are a true fan of the genre who knows the difference between a good and a great game, Hades is a story you will want to experience to the end!

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 5


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Hades FAQ

Q1. Is Hades game available on the Windows platform?
A1. Yes, the game is available on Windows 7. You can download it from Steam Store or Epic Store, using links from this website.
Q2. How can I begin the Hades download process?
A2. You can start here, on this page. Find the “Get Game” icon above the game’s review. Click it, and you will see links on Steam or the official webpage of Hades game. Pick one of them and click. You will be redirected to Hade’s page. There you will be able to download the game after you buy it.
Q3. Is there a free download?
A3. No, the Hades is not free. You have to buy it. Register your profile on Steam if you don’t have one. After that, pick the most convenient payment method and confirm it.
Q4. Is Hades an online game?
A4. No, Hades is an offline game. You don’t need the Internet connection after you downloaded the game on your computer.
Q5. Where can I find the demo version of Hades?
A5. There is no demo version of this game. If you want to check out the gameplay, you can do it via Steam Store or YouTube. Read the review of the game and watch the official trailer before you buy it.
Q6. Is Hades a full game?
A6. Hades is still in early access. It was released at the beginning of 2019, and since that time, developers are working on improvements. They promise to reveal the full game soon, somewhere in 2020.
Q7. What does Hades’ latest version provide?
A7. Developers released new updates at the end of January. They fixed numerous bugs, added more bosses, extended narrative.
Q8. What features will be unblocked in the full version?
A8. According to developers, the full game will offer the perfect ending to the story, side quests, Trading Cards and Steam Achievements.
Q9. Why don’t I see a link on torrent here?
A9. We do not offer our readers to risk the safety of their devices by giving them links on suspicious and unchecked sources. Torrent files may contain malware and be dangerous for your computer.
Q10. What can I do to receive Hades free to play version?
A10. There is no free to play version of Hades. But you can wait for a discount or seasonal sale on Steam. However, we advise you to buy the game before it is fully released. Developers may double the price.
Q11. How much does Hades cost?
A11. Hades costs $24.99 on Steam.

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