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Half-Life: Alyx

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Half-Life: Alyx Review — Return of Headcrabs?

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Half-Life: Alyx is a VR game for PC. It will see you returning to City 17 and fighting against the interdimensional alien invasion. But this time, there'll be a brand-new protagonist with new powers and missions. Download Half-Life: Alyx and support the Resistance!

Graphics 5/5

Our Half-Life: Alyx review gives the game five golden stars. This is how astounding its visuals are in the preview. Even the computer screen instantly takes your imagination to occupied City 17. When you see alien contraptions, power nexuses, masked special forces and vortigaunts amidst a common urbanistic landscape, you forget for a second that this isn't real.

Superb visuals are accompanied by excellent sound design and physics. Inhuman sounds produced by alien creatures, cumulative explosions, admirable voice acting, aggressive chatter of the firearms — the audio content of the game is thought out to the smallest detail.

Gameplay 5/5

Half-Life: Alyx game is promised to be 20 hours long. This is a lot for a VR title. During this time you will explore City 17, sabotage Combine's plans, collect artifacts and help the freedom-loving citizens organize a successful resistance. All this hustle will be done by you as miss Alyx Vance who was previously featured in Half-Life 2.

The game is said to have elements of free roam and world exploration, intuitive combat system, intriguing puzzles to solve and mysteries to investigate. Apart from Alyx and her father, we'll also see some other canonical characters return.

Headcrabs will make a comeback: now they can be used as a weapon against Combine patrol units. Vortigaunts have been already mentioned. And at some point, Alyx will run into G-man. Sadly, the diabolical figure of Nihilanth won't be shown at all.

Controls  4/5

It's hard to judge due to a lack of experience. What is known, is that Alyx will have a pair of gravity gloves. Evidently, with these gloves it will be easier to manipulate various objects by pulling, lifting or hurling them at enemies. Some sort of telekinesis.

Replay Value 4/5

20 hours is surely a solid gameplay for that kind of title. It is suspected Alyx will feature a good deal of side content, Easter eggs and references to be explored. So if you plan to try it, you'll barely regret spending money on the game. Besides, if you own any part of the Valve Index Kit then Half-Life: Alyx price is $0 for you. 

The Bottom Line 

With references to canonical Half-Life lore, new era graphics and new heroes, Half-Life: Alyx is a must-have if you're a die-hard fan. Besides, thanks to virtual reality, you won't be just playing the game. You'll be the game.

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 4


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Half-Life: Alyx FAQ

Q1. Is there only a Windows version of Half-Life: Alyx?
A1. Yes, Half-Life: Alyx was originally made for the Windows platform. You can download the game from the Steam store on your Windows 10 platform.
Q2. How can I start Half-Life: Alyx download process?
A2. You may start here, on this page, by tapping the “Get Game” section. You will see the link on the Steam store there. Tap it, and you will be redirected to Half-Life: Alyx page on Steam. Check the requirements of the game before you buy it. You may need to buy Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality, Rift or Vive to enjoy VR.
Q3. Is the game free to download?
A3. There is no free download option for Half-Life: Alyx. You have to buy the game. There is a 10 percent discount currently on Steam.
Q4. Is this an online game?
A4. No, Half-Life: Alyx is not an online game. You don’t need the Internet after you downloaded the game from the store.
Q5. Is there a demo version to check out before purchasing the game?
A5. Actually, there is not. The game is not released yet. But you may check out official trailers available on YouTube and Half-Life: Alyx website.
Q6. When the Half-Life: Alyx full game will be released?
A6. Developers did not specify the exact date of release. All we know that the game comes out in March 2020. For now, you can pre-order it with a 10 percent discount.
Q7. Does Half-Life: Alyx latest version show the events after Half-Life 2?
A7. Half-Life: Alyx is considered to be the first game in the Half-Life series. This means that events in the game take place before Half-Life 2.
Q8. Will all the features in the game be unblocked to me?
A8. Yes, once the game will be fully released, you receive total access to every feature of the game. However, you need to have a VR helmet, since the game is designed specifically for VR.
Q9. Will there be torrent to download Half-Life: Alyx for free?
A9. It is highly unlikely that you will be able to download Half-Life: Alyx torrent. The game has specific requirements, and users without special equipment would not be able to play it. We recommend you download it only from the official store.
Q10. Are there any free to play Half-Life parts?
A10. Normally, they all are pricey. However, developers of the game series decided to cheer up players and promote Half-Life: Alyx in the best way possible. They offer 2 months of free access to all Half-Life games on Steam.
Q11. How much Half-Life: Alyx costs?
A11. You can pre-order Half-Life: Alyx for $53.99. Don’t forget to buy VR equipment as well.

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