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Hypercharge Unboxed Review: Release Your Inner Hero

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Hypercharge Unboxed is a first-person shooter with the tower defense mechanic where you become an action figure ready to withstand your enemies. Download Hypercharge Unboxed on your PC and start the war.

Graphics 5/5

Hypercharge Unboxed review would not be complete without praising the graphics and the great job designers made. Every tiny detail is well-developed, even in the background. While offering players the world of colorful and cartoonish action figures on a mission, developers took into consideration even the roof of the next-door house that can be seen through the window. The colors are a little bit intensifies, but that is what we expect from the action figures world.

Gameplay 5/5

It looks like Toy Story characters grew up and decided to fight the enemy with a huge variety of ammo. However, the Hypercharge Unboxed gameplay is versatile and unique. It is a combination of genres like action and adventure with shooter and tower defense goals. You turn into the plastic action figure, up to your choice. You have to stop the destruction of Hypercharge. The main features of Hypercharge Unboxed shooter:

  • Multiplayer mode is on. You gather the team of up to 3 players and fight together. The war is not an easy job for one, but with your friends, it can be fun;
  • PvP mode. You don’t have to work with your friends together, you can work against them. Challenge each other so only one can become a leader;
  • You can upgrade your character. Earn scores and achievements, so you can pick up new ammo and tune the action figure;
  • The game allows you to build the walls and defense. You can build tunnels and traps. Surround yourself with walls.

Controls 5/5

Hypercharge Unboxed Windows game is easy to play. Even if you are a newcomer, you will learn how to navigate the game in no time. After the Hypercharge Unboxed install process is over, you can start with picking up the character you want to play. You can change the clothes, weapon, head, skin. After that, create the name and start the game. Practice for some time if you are not sure about your abilities.

Replay Value 5/5

You can change the scenario yourself. While there are various modes, from solo to multiplayer, PvP, and coop, it is hard to get tired of challenging yourself and your friends with new tasks. There is one main goal, which is to save the world, but there are numerous ways to do this. The Hypercharge Unboxed game is one of the most interesting entertainments for a small group of friends. Gather scores and earn new abilities.

The Bottom Line

After you download Hypercharge Unboxed on your PC, you can invite friends to save the action figure world.

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 5


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Q1: Is it true that HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed Microsoft Windows is in the Early Access stage?
A1: Yes, the game is still in the Early Access stage, but it is available to download and play on Steam.
Q2: Can I find HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed download on the tablet?
A2: No, you can play the game only on the computer.
Q3: If the game is in Early Access, does it mean that HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed free download option is available?
A3: No, Early Access means that you can be highly engaged in the developing process as a player. But the game is paid.
Q4: Can I play HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed game online?
A4: Yes, via Online Co-op mode.
Q5: Is HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed demo and HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed Early Access the same?
A5: No, if you download the game in Early Access you download the full version of the game, not a demo.
Q6: When is it planned to release HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed full game?
A6: It is planned to release a final version of the game in the middle of 2020.
Q7: Can I download HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed unblocked version in German?
A7: No, the game is available only in English.
Q8: Is it true that HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed torrent is supported by official developers?
A8: No, torrents are illegal files.
Q9: Where can I try HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed free to play version?
A9: Unfortunately, there is no free trial version.
Q10: Does the game is expensive?
A10: No, the current HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed price is $9.
Q11: Can I make HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed pre-order to get the final release?
A11: No, but you can follow the news and install the game first.
Q12: How much enemy types does the HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed gameplay have?
A12: The game has 11 unique enemy types.
Q13: Can I use HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed cheats during online mode?
A13: It is possible that some bugs can occur, but we do not recommend you to cheat.
Q14: Is it planned to increase the number of available HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed mods?
A14: As far as we know, the developers did not announce such intentions.

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