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Just Causeā„¢ 3

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Just Causeā„¢ 3 review

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Professional Review Professional review Mary Foster 96 reviews on GamesMojo

Just Cause 3 is a cool open world action-adventure game. It if full of crazy death-defying stunts, dangerous weapons, fast vehicles, and breathtaking explosions. In this game, you will have fun with physics and explore a huge map.

Graphics 5/5

Just Cause 3 is not only about destroying. There’s a vast map to play out in this game. It features 3 regions, oceans, islands, towns and villages, high mountains, and beautiful landscapes. You’ll see the weather change, crystal clear vistas, and a perfect draw distance.

Except for the incredible visuals, Just Cause 3 comes with an immersive soundtrack — a real highlight of the game.

Colors mean a lot in Just Cause 3. When you arrive at a village, all the targets like fuel tanks, statues, or transformers are marked with red. After you wipe them out and raise the revolution’s flag, the village turns blue, and the fireworks go off in order to celebrate that. Turning all the provinces and whole regions from red to blue is a challenging and interesting task. However, it becomes slightly repetitive after some time.

Gameplay 4/5

In Just Cause 3, you play as Rico Rodriguez — a real superhero with a wingsuit, a parachute, and a grappling hook. You come to the fictional Republic of Medici suffering under the remorseless control of a dictator who wants more and more power. That’s why lots of military installations are spread all over the world map. Your task is to blow them up for the rebel forces.

When it comes to features, there are dozens of them in Just Cause 3. You will be able to explore the open world without limits. You’ll have a wingsuit allowing you to glide through the air and swoop across mountains. The grapples and parachutes are necessary for scaling various constructions, hijacking cars, and other vehicles, moving really fast or exploring your creativity by tethering items together.

You’ll become the reason of all the devastation in the military bases, harbors, police stations or prisons. Use all the possible measures to bring the dictator down:

  • use all kinds of explosive weapons;
  • select the best and quickest vehicles like speedboats, jets, bikes, or helicopters;
  • complete as many missions as you can;
  • discover a broad range of collectibles, and much more.

Controls 4,5/5

The controls aren’t complicated. After some time you will be jumping from the helicopters, leaping from cliffs, gliding through the opponent’s bases, and floating over the vast farmland like you have been doing that for your entire life.

Replay Value 4/5

The replay value is high in Just Cause 3 because you can invest hours or even days in the things that don’t even have anything to do with mission goals. The expansive environment is combined with a wide range of vehicles and weapons. This game is a blast to play.

In-app Purchases

Just Cause offers some in-game purchases, but the game is not overwhelmed with them. You will be able to buy various items like rifles, RPGs, boats, cars, and weapon or vehicle packs.


The main thing in Just Cause is mass destruction. Then, you should focus on performing smart and right moves. The game has a sandbox nature with practically infinite opportunities. Some gamers continue playing Just Cause 3 even when the story is completed

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 4
  • Controls 4.5
  • Replay Value 4


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Just Causeā„¢ 3 FAQ

Q1. Can I download Just Cause 3 for free?
A1. No. Just Cause 3 is a paid game, so you must buy it to play it. 
Q2. Is there a free demo for Just Cause 3?
A2. No. There’s no official free demo for Just Cause 3. 
Q3. How to play Just Cause 3 now?
A3. To play Just Cause 3 now, you need to buy and download the game.
Q4. Can I play Just Cause 3 online?
A4. No. Just Cause 3 is not an online game. 
Q5. Can I buy Just Cause 3 on Amazon?
A5. Yes. You will find the licensed game on Amazon.
Q6. Is there a multiplayer mode for Just Cause 3?
A6. Yes. It is called Just Cause™ 3: Multiplayer Mod. 

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