Just Cause 4 - Standard Edition

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JUST CAUSE 4 Review: This Time the Business Gets Personal

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Professional Review

Just Cause is a big action game. The protagonist is Rico Rodriguez, a CIA specialist in “regime change” a great expert on weapons, vehicles and various gadgets. Download Just Cause 4 to see how his new mission on Solis Island in South America concerns his personal story.

Graphics 5/5

So, you’re taking on a large South American island with the richest nature and various terrains, like deserts, fields, rainforests, and mountains. The weather is gorgeous, the animals are wild and live their own life, as well as plants and trees. And as the villains, you’re here to stop. In this environment, the war Rico Rodrigues wages on the criminal army that settled down would look especially spectacular.

It’s the big big open world, in full 3D and with high interactivity. The minimum requirements are moderate, but the recommended include 6 GB video card, 16 GM RAM and Intel Core i7-4770, that make quite a powerful configuration. Consider also 59 GB of storage the game requires, and imagine the potential of the full version.

Gameplay 5/5

And again we see Rico Rodriguez, the superhero agent we know from previous installments. This time he enters the mysterious island Solis where he tries to solve the mystery of his own origins, of what his father had been doing on Solis. This time he has the most dangerous enemy ever – the Black Hand military corporation, armed and equipped to the bone. And what Rico has is his wingsuit, his versatile grapple (now customizable), the whole lot of local objects to use, and you behind him.

You’ll be able to ride a large set of different vehicles, including trains, fighter jets, racing cars, and even industrial building machines. Everything in this world is destructible, especially if you have good weaponry. For the final showdown you’ll have to form your own army, and here’s where you can benefit from having played the previous installments. You’ll see a lot of familiar characters.

All along your mission, you’ll have to look to the sky and see what’s on. Tornados, rains, and thunderstorms are as much of danger as the villains you’re to confront. To make it all convincing, the developers created the unique fully interactive world, modeling severe conditions with extreme physics, natural and hypertrophied at the same time.

In this nonstop action, you still need to find some minutes to walk through calm places not so hard to find, to appreciate the 1024 square kilometers of cities and villages, mountains and jungles, ancient ruins and animals. Sometimes it all reminds Tomb Raider adventures – how surprising for Square Enix game!

Controls 5/5

As Just Cause 4 is released both for PC and for Sony PS4, no wonder the developers provided both ways of control: with a gamepad and with a keyboard-and-mouse set. PC players will need to learn the set of hotkeys to operate swiftly (those familiar with previous installments won’t have much trouble with it). But it’s also possible to connect a gamepad. The experience will be similar to paying on a console.

Replay Value 5/5

Open world games always offer a lot to explore. Though Just Cause 4 has a straight storyline, you’ll have to complete a lot of side quests with unexpected consequences. They are unnecessary, but they are fun. And there are always hidden unlockable features (like super weapons or new locations) available after completing some missions you don’t really need to reach your primary goals. That’s one of the best traditions of Just Cause series. So there is a lot to discover if you don’t settle.


This Just Cause 4 review may need to be updated, as the publishers promise to add downloadable content to this game for some time, to enhance both the experience and the world. We can say even now that it’s one of the greatest adventures of 2018.



Be among the first to download Just Cause 4 while you have such a chance. It’s gorgeous, taking action-packed adventure series to a new level.

Pros : Great graphics with quite moderate system requirements;
Realistic physics and interactive environment;
Gameplay full of unstoppable action;
Great weaponry and a large park of available techs

Cons : Recommended system requirements are rather high

Graphics 5.0

Gameplay 5.0

Controls 5.0

Replay Value 5.0

Average : 5.0

Everyone recommends to play it!
You just can't miss this game!
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