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Kingdom Under Fire 2

Kingdom Under Fire 2

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Kingdom Under Fire 2 Game Review

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Kingdom Under Fire 2 is a new action game with RPG elements that was created in November 2019 by Blueside Studio. The game has many genres in it, and yet, developers managed to create a nice game. You will enjoy it if you are a strategy fan or just want to kill everything you see. Kingdom Under Fire 2 is a multiplayer game, so you will have to fight other players. There are many classes. After that game had been released, there was spellsword, berserker, gunslinger, ranger. Developers say that they will add more classes in the nearest future. The game is available for download for Windows, PS4, and Xbox 360 platforms.

Graphics 4/5

Graphical effects of Kingdom Under Fire 2 are not bad, but they are also not great. You can see some blurred textures while playing. The maps are big, and there are a lot of different objects. The terrain is different. You can easily distinguish objects, but while fighting, you will not pay attention to these details because the game is dynamic. Developers also did a great job and created perfect models of players.

Gameplay 4/5

As it was mentioned, there are many classes in Kingdom Under Fire 2. Moreover, you can perform various combos and powerful attacks, but each class has different combos. You can also change the appearance of your character. Unfortunately, you cannot change the gender. You can play only as a man gunslinger, woman spellsword, etc. You can select hairstyle, change face details, and select clothes. After you selected the class, you will see a short story about the class you have chosen. 

While playing, you will have to complete various quests, such as killing certain people and saving villages. The quests have a lot of in common with other RPG games. You can also hire three different squads and fight along their side.

Controls 4/5

Controls have a lot in common with other games of such a genre, but nevertheless, you will see a short tutorial after you start the game. You will have to remember how to perform combo attacks. You should also click on the required button at the required time. Otherwise, you will not be able to perform a combo. Overall, controls are not simple, and it will be interesting to get used to them.

Replay Value 4/5

You will be able to start a new game for as much as you want. Every time you can select another class, which helps to make the gameplay more unique. There are various quests, and some of them can be completed in many different ways.

The Bottom Line

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is a game with nice graphical effects. It is a game that has a lot in common with RPG and action genre. There are plenty of different missions. In addition, Kingdom Under Fire 2 is a multiplayer game, so you can play it with your friends. We recommend you to download Kingdom Under Fire 2 especially if you are a fan of RPG games. Thank you for paying attention to this Kingdom Under Fire 2 review. This is a nice game and it worth your attention.

  • Graphics 4
  • Gameplay 4
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 4


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Kingdom Under Fire 2 FAQ

Q1. Where can I find Kingdom Under Fire 2 for my Windows platform?
A1. You can download Kingdom Under Fire 2 on Windows 7 platform either from the official game’s website or from the Steam Store. You will find both links in the “Get Game” section on this page. The game requires a 64 bit CPU and 25 GB of space on your computer.
Q2. Can I use this website to start Kingdom Under Fire 2 download?
A2. You can actually start your journey to the epic MMO here. And while we do not sell or offer games for free, we provide reliable links on direct pages of games. The links in the “Get Game” category leads to the stores. There you will have to log into your profile or create one.
Q3. Is there a free download option for me?
A3. No, there is no free download for Kingdom Under Fire 2. However, you may save your money by ordering the game in the pack. Usually, it comes with great skins, currency, and armor. Check all of the offers in the store.
Q4. Is Kingdom Under Fire 2 an online game?
A4. Yes, it is a multiplayer online game. It has coop and PvP modes. You also need to stay connected to the Internet while downloading the game.
Q5. Where can I download a demo version of Kingdom Under Fire 2?
A5. There is no demo of the game. You can check official trailers and teasers. You may also read the review on this page. There are video reviews of the gameplay on YouTube. Check out everything before you buy the game.
Q6. When was the full game released?
A6. The full game appeared only recently. It was released on November 18, 2019. Before that, the game was closed on beta testing. Blueside, the developer of Kingdom Under Fire 2, is still working on updates for the game.
Q7. What does the latest version of Kingdom Under Fire 2 contain?
A7. The latest update is called the Grave of Time, and it was released in February. Developers offered new entertainment in the game. It is a raid. To check it out, go to the battlefield. You need at least two players for it.
Q8. Is all the content in Kingdom Under Fire 2 unblocked?
A8. Yes, after you buy the game, you unblock all the features that this pack offers you. Some of them may be available after you level up.
Q9. Do you know where I can find the torrent?
A9. We strongly advise not to use torrents to download Kingdom Under Fire 2. These files may contain malicious software. As a result, they may be pricey than buying the official version of the game.
Q10. When will the game be available for free?
A10. Kingdom Under Fire 2 will unlikely be available for free. However, you can wait for seasonal sales. There are package deals if you want to save your money now.
Q11. How much does Kingdom Under Fire 2 cost?
A11. The Kingdom Under Fire 2 price differs by the pack you want. The basic package costs $29.99.

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