Mars 2030

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Mars 2030 Review

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Official Game Description
"An exhaustive simulation of a manned mission to Mars, meticulously detailed... this is an extremely daunting affair."-Pinback

2015 Steam Greenlight Reactions to Mars 2030

"I want it so badly I think I just ate my hand"

"More Like Mars 1983."


Experience the greatest dangers of outer space travel aboard the advanced spaceship the U.S.S. Armstrong. Equipped with Auto-Nav, Twin Ion Drives, Charged Particle Shields, and Dual Mass Drivers.

Each mission to Mars, the United Space Society selects the four best astronauts available for the task, but you decide the fate of each and every one of them.

Core Features

  • Mile-for-Mile Earth to Mars Simulator: Crisis Waiting Game
  • Outer Space Hazards: Micrometeors, Solar Flares, Radiation, and more
  • Simulated Crew: Skill, Health, & Emotional Stability
  • Detailed U.S.S. Armstrong Systems, Parts, Repairs, & Spacewalking
  • Moonbase Down: Sci-Fi Survival Horror game (Main Menu)
  • Launch Failures (Optional)
  • Encounter the R.S.S. Rasputin (Optional)
  • Media Room: Two Mini-Games
  • Random Name Generator
  • Sim Rat
  • Baby Lettuce Farming
  • Jupiter Probe: Hera I
  • Starbase Mars: Unlimited Levels Space Station Defense Shooter
  • Moonbase Rover: Explore the Moon. Make a record delivery to four Moon Bases!
  • Unlimited content updates with one-time purchase!

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