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Minecraft is an open world sandbox action-adventure game. The title has several modes where you need to boost your creative, tactical, and strategic skills. Although it was released on November 2011, the game is still very popular. If you are looking for the list of Minecraft Cheats, we are here to help you. The game is available to play only on Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. 

Before using the code cheats, you need this option. For this, enable Activate Cheat toggle before creating a new world. If you have already built it, you can do it in another way:

  • Open the main menu;
  • Press the Settings button;
  • Scroll down and find Cheats section;
  • Click on it to activate the Cheats;
  • Exit the menu. 

Minecraft Console Commands

When you enabled the Activate Cheats option, you can use this list of cheats:

  • Always Day (play the game without night);
  • Keep Inventory (even if you die, you do not lose the inventory);
  • Mob Spawning (prevents if you off it, enemies will not spawn);
  • Mob Griefing (the creepers could not blow up your constructions, the endermen couldn't still the blocks, and so on);
  • Weather Cycle (the weather will remain the same, if you switch off the option).

This list of cheat codes, you can enter only via chat window. To open it, press “/”. 

  • /setblock x y z block_type: create any block you want;
  • /tp playername x y z: teleport character to the defined location;
  • /tp playername differentplayername: teleport the character to the location of another character;
  • /kill: kill your character;
  • /kill playername: kill another character; 
  • /weather weathertype: change the weather;
  • /time set x: change the time of day;
  • /difficulty peaceful: stop enemies from attacking;
  • /summon creaturename x y z: spawn any creature or enemy;
  • /xp amount playername: free experience points.
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