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Minion Masters

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Minion Masters Review: Between DotA 2 and Clash Royale

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Minion Masters is a card-based brawler strategy. Two opponents (or pairs) send their troops and cast spells on each other in order to destroy the other’s citadel first. Download Minion Masters for PC, OS X, or Xbox One and win epic battles with the strongest warriors and the mightiest magic!

Graphics 5/5

We have seen games like Clash Royale or Castle Crush go crazily popular on mobile platforms, and Minion Masters wraps similar gameplay into 3D. Not only is the arena now surrounded by a real audience. There are ground and flying units, and they have different attack skills – so 3D is more than just a wrapper, it’s a game-changer literally. As for cards, they bring really spectacular battles to the arena.

Gameplay 5/5

Being as compact as Clash Royale and as spectacular as DotA 2, Minion Masters shows duels of players on a small arena with two citadels opposing each other. You have a certain set of cards (as well as your opponent) to deploy the warriors or cast the spells they symbolize. Every card requires a certain amount of mana that refills automatically with time. You can deploy your troops to certain places within the arena and cast spells at virtually any area. To win, you need to destroy the opponent’s citadel while your own is still standing.

For your victories you are rewarded with chests that contain coins and new cards. If you collect a certain number of the same cards, you can spend them to upgrade this card, Pokémon-style. Chests may also contain other powerups. Select your cards wisely to win, though you can prepare multiple decks.

Along with one-on-one duels, there are other modes including 2v2, rogue-like mode, and others. But PvP one-on-one duels are the most popular mode among players. And be sure you’ll always find someone to play against or with.

Controls 4/5

It’s all very simple. Like in most games of this sort, you only need your mouse to play your cards and select places to deploy them. Even if you have a gamepad connected to your PC, it will be useless. On the other hand, the game has made its way to Xbox One, and it’s quite gamepad-controllable there.

Replay Value 5/5

Like most PvP games, Minion Masters is almost inexhaustible in terms of replay value. The developers frequently roll out updates, so the balance is always changing, and the deck you found the strongest yesterday needs to be reviewed today. Cards you considered unnecessary, on the other hand, may become your greatest value. And, of course, you can never predict your opponents or partners.

The Bottom Line

Minion Masters does not feature the yellow creatures from Despicable Me. That’s the only disappointment a beginner may run into. The rest is similar to other strategy brawlers, but this time it’s tightly packed into a 3D arena. Games like Minion Masters have their downside: if you want to win big, you need to invest, as higher levels are full of donators. But if you are okay with it, download Minion Masters for Windows, OS X, or Xbox One and send your troops out to the arena!

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 5


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Minion Masters FAQ

Q1. Where can I find Minion Masters on Windows?
A1. Windows version of the game is available on Steam Store. You may download Minion Masters for Windows 7, 8, and 10. There is a macOS version in the store as well.
Q2. What platforms offer Minion Masters download options?
A2. You will find the links on Steam Store where you can download Windows and macOS versions of the game, and on the official website. The official website contains the links on Microsoft Store for Xbox One platform and Discord.
Q3. Is Minion Masters a free download game?
A3. Yes, it is totally free of charge. If you want to buy additional features for this game, you may do it on Steam. However, you can enjoy it for free.
Q4. Is Minion Masters an online game?
A4. Yes, you will have to stay connected to the Internet playing this game. It offers numerous modes, including PvP and coop, if you want to play with or against your friends.
Q5. Where can I find a demo of Minion Masters?
A5. There is no demo. You may check the official trailer of the game on Steam, website or YouTube. Read our review before you download Minion Masters.
Q6. What does the full game require from the Windows platform?
A6. There is a standard set of requirements from the game. You need to check them before starting the downloading process. For example, you are required to have Intel Core i3 or 2.4 GHz CPU, and 4 GB RAM at least. You will need to provide the game 6 GB of empty space.
Q7. What was added in the latest version of Minion Masters?
A7. Developers decided to postpone the release of the new expansion. It will come out in March.
Q8. Are all the features unblocked for free in Minion Masters?
A8. Yes, everything is unblocked in the game. However, if you want to receive Premium or All Masters Upgrade, you have to pay for it on Steam Store.
Q9. Where can I find a torrent to download Minion Masters?
A9. We don’t recommend you to search for any torrents. It is available for free on official stores that offer only reliable content. Don’t risk the safety of your computer.
Q10. How long will the Minion Masters be free to play?
A10. It is possible that the game will stay free forever. Developers do not plan to shut it down or put the price on it.

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