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Pacify Game Review

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Pacify is a horror game where players need to escape the house and burn all the dolls that have cursed the girl that used to live here. However, it is not easy to do because you need to find keys and other items that can come in handy. Also, the girl in the house tries to hunt you down. Your mission is to stay as quiet as possible and try to avoid the girl. Pacify is not a free game. You have to purchase it before playing. Players can download Pacify for Mac OS and Windows platforms. Unfortunately, there is no Pacify version for gaming consoles.

Graphics 3/5

Pacify uses some mediocre graphics. The picture is not perfect, and some textures can look unrealistic. However, players will spend most of the time in the complete darkness. You will be able to use a flashlight that can show a limited amount of area. There are a lot of rooms in the game that you can explore. Each room is filled with different items. Even though models do not look 100% realistic, you still can be scared by the unexpected jumpscare.

Gameplay 4/5

The plot of the game is pretty simple. You will be able to get more information about it by exploring the house and reading notes. Your mission is to find all the dolls and burn them. After that, you will be able to break the curse of the girl that lives in the house. The girl does not always hunt you. Sometimes she can friendly. To make her friendly, you can give her a particular doll. You can play Pacify with your friends. The game supports both multiplayer and singleplayer game modes.

Controls 5/5

Pacify controls are not complicated at all. They are pretty common for other first-person games. In this game, players have to walk in the house and explore the environment continuously. You will also have to interact with different items. You can change controls in the game settings. You can also control the character via gamepad (if you have one).

Replay Value 4/5

You will enjoy playing Pacify for the second time in case you are a fan of horror games. However, you might not like the game in case the well-detailed plot is crucial for you. Here you will get some information about the plot, but the story is pretty mediocre. The game offers many achievements. So if you are an achievement hunter, you will spend some time playing this game.


Pacify is an interesting horror game that allows players to team up with friends or random players. You can also play the game alone. The graphics are not perfect. Some textures might look blurred. The controls are pretty intuitive. Unfortunately, you cannot download Pacify for PS4 or Xbox One platforms.

  • Graphics 3
  • Gameplay 4
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 4


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Pacify FAQ

Q1. Where can I download Pacify Windows PC version?
A1. You can find the Pacify horror game for Windows PC on Steam. There is a direct link that leads to the game at the shop on this page, hidden under “Get Game” button in the right upper corner. Press it and you will be redirected to the store.
Q2. What are the requirements for Pacify download?
A2. Pacify game requires a 64-bit processor. It is available for Windows 7 and 10. There must be 2 GB of empty space on your computer for the game.
Q3. Where can I start Pacify free download?
A3. Pacify is not free of charge game. You can’t download it from the official store without paying. Your only option is to wait for sales or buy in a pack with bonuses, which will be free.
Q4. Is there Pacify game online option?
A4. Yes, Pacify has online multiplayer mode for you and your friends. You will need WiFi connection. But if you don’t have Internet right now, play offline.
Q5. Is Pacify demo available?
A5. No, there is no Pacify demo. If you want to check the game before downloading it, watch the walkthrough on YouTube, or check Steam forum. You may download the game from the store, play less than 2 hours and return it to the Steam. Make sure the game is still refundable.
Q6. Is Pacify full game on Steam?
A6. Yes, Pacify is a full game. Developer of the game, Shawn Hitchcock continues to release numerous updates and fixes, but they are rather minor and are absolutely free for the game owners.
Q7. Are all the scenes in Pacify unblocked?
A7. Yes, developer of the game just recently fixed the minor problem with “Pacify Her” achievement. Make sure that you are playing alone and children can’t get access to this game. It is a horror game which may scare off adults and traumatized children.
Q8. Can you suggest me Pacify torrent?
A8. No, we don’t recommend any unofficial sources for downloading since they may contain malware. If you not ready to pay for the game, watch trailers, read Steam community forum. Do not download pirate copies with viruses.
Q9. How can I get Pacify free to play?
A9. The only way to get Pacify for free is to ask your family or friends to buy it as a present for you. The game’s multiplayer option allows up to 4 players, so you can actually share the price with your friends. And yet, the game is not expensive at all, so we advise you to buy it yourself or wait for sales.
Q10. How much does Pacify cost?
A10. Pacify costs $3.69, which is not so much at all. If you buy it now, you will save 26 percent.
Q11. How challenging is Pacify gameplay?
A11. Developer of the game works on new languages, maps, monsters and missions for the game. He constantly varies the gameplay. But even without all the updates, the game is challenging itself. Smart AI follows every step, and you have to show quick reaction and strong nerves to explore the house with ghosts.
Q12. Are there Pacify cheats you can reveal?
A12. There are no Pacify cheats we may suggest for you now. The game is interesting to play with all the challenges that appear on your way. Master your skills and become unstoppable.
Q13. How many Pacify mods there?
A13. There are three modes in Pacify game. Choose Single Player Mode, PVP Mode or Co-Op Multiplayer mode to play together with your friends.

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