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Party Panic Game Review

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Party Panic is a fun indie game that allows you to team-up with your friends and play more than 30 different minigames. The game has no plot, but it has many interesting levels that entertain players and allow you to have fun by interacting with other lobby members. Party Panic is a game that was released in August 2017 by Everglow Interactive Studios. However, you cannot download Party Panic for free. The game should be purchased if you want to play it. In addition, you can purchase the soundtracks on the official Steam page. Party Panic is available for download for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows, Linux, and Mac OS platforms.

Graphics 4/5

Party Panic graphics are not realistic, but they perfectly suit the game atmosphere. The game uses 3D graphics with a cartoonish picture. The image is colorful and bright. It should be mentioned that you can change the graphics quality if you play the game on PC and experience certain performance issues. There are many different levels that look differently and take place in different locations. For example, you can play on the football field, near the water, on the farm, etc.

Gameplay 4/5

First of all, Party Panic supports both multiplayer and singleplayer game modes. The game allows you to swiftly create a lobby and invite your friends there. The maximum number of players in the lobby is 4. After that, players are able to select a minigame they would like to play. 

There are more than 30 minigames. For example, your friends and you can select the minigame that takes place in the mountains. Your mission is to avoid falling rocks and survive. You can also try to push your friends off a cliff but it is very risky. There are also minigames where you have to play football, run from the water beast, try not to fall in lava, etc. At the top of the screen, you will see the countdown timer and indicators that show how many points you have. The player with the highest number of points wins the game.

Controls 4/5

Party Panic controls are pretty simple, but you will have to get used to them. If you play the game on PC, you can connect the gamepad in order to make it easier to control the character. It might be less comfortable to play the game with the help of a keyboard. You can change the key bindings in the game settings.

Replay Value 4/5

Party Panic is a fun game, and you will definitely spend many hours playing it with friends. There are a lot of minigames, so it might take some time to see them all. However, if you play the game alone, it may become boring.

The Bottom Line

Party Panic is a fun game that allows you to play with friends on different maps. However, the game is not free to download. It is available for many platforms and has nice graphical effects. We recommend you to download Party Panic because it is a nice game with simple controls and nice graphical effects. Thank you for reading this Party Panic game review.

  • Graphics 4
  • Gameplay 4
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 4


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Party Panic FAQ

Q1. Can I download Party Panic Windows from Steam?
A1. Yes, you can find on Steam the versions for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Q2. How can I download Party Panic on the mobile phone?
A2. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have releases for mobile phones.

Q3. Where can I find Party Panic free download version?
A3. Unfortunately, there are no free versions. The game’s development was too much expensive, and it is impossible to give the opportunity to play for free.

Q4. Is there Party Panic game online multiplayer?
A4. Yes, you can play the game alone against bots or with other players. The maximum number is 4 gamers.

Q5. How can I get the Party Panic demo?
A5. The game doesn’t have demo versions.

Q6. What languages are available in Party Panic full game?
A6. The game supports 10 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Italian, Turkish, and Russian. Also, users can leave the message in the forum if they want to add new languages.

Q7. Does Steam sell Party Panic unblocked version for Mac OS X?
A7. Yes, you can purchase a fully unlocked version of the game on Steam.

Q8. Where can I find Party Panic torrent?
A8. Torrents are illegal files that violate copyright. Also, they are risky because may contain dangerous viruses.

Q9. Is it planned to make Party Panic free to play in the future?
A9. For now, the developers do not plan to make the game free to play.

Q10. Is the Party Panic price high?
A10. No, the current price on Steam is $9.50. But the game often comes under various discounts and promotions, so you can buy it with a discount of more than 50%.

Q11. Can I leave the request for Party Panic pre-order?
A11. Maybe in the future, the developers add the opportunity to add yourself to the pre-order list. But for now, you cannot leave the requests.

Q12. Does the Party Panic gameplay support shared/split screen?
A12. Yes, you can split the game into two screens.

Q13. How can I use Party Panic cheats to compete against the friends?
A13. We think that it is much more interesting to play with friends without cheating.

Q14. What the Party Panic mods are available now?
A14. You can play a single-player game or multiplayer.

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