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Plants vs. Zombies Review: Animated Blood Cartoon Violence with the Cutest Characters

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Who could imagine that a simple casual game could win the hearts of so many players? Plants vs. Zombies for Nintendo is precisely that case. This title can be called legendary as it fights gloom and spreads bloom. The exciting resistance of two strange fighting groups will easily capture for long-long hours. Don’t believe us? Then you need to download Plants vs. Zombies faster to feel excitement and thrill of the simple casual game.

Read our Plants vs. Zombies review to know some details before you start playing. Because after you start, you will be chained to your Nintendo for quite a long time.

Graphics — 4.5/5

You could probably presume from the title that Plants vs. Zombies is a colorful and fun game. And you are absolutely right! The graphics excite you with bright colors and well-detailed characters. Amazing sound effects come as an addition. So in terms of visuals, everything is made on a high level, such an eye-candy for every player.

Animated blood cartoon violence is also present in this game. The developers warn about this fact at the beginning of the game and recommend a restriction for players under ten years old. Though there is violence here in the game, Plants vs. Zombies still looks appealing and great.

Gameplay — 5/5

Plants vs. Zombies has a simple idea in the core. But it only may seem so if you just read the idea. When you test it as a player, you will be more than just excited.

So we have a lawn consisting of five lines. Walking zombies occupy each of them. To stop them, you need to plant the plants. A certain amount of sun resource is spent on landing. You can get the sun resource naturally from the sky or produce it with sunflowers. The whole gameplay is about the correct alignment of the defense.

The developers managed to make a real battle-style strategy by mixing balance of classes, development schemes, tactical and strategic planning. The player has a few dozen plants in stock, of which only six can be taken into battle. Even before the battle, we have to take into account the field we are fighting on. If it is night, then mushrooms will come in handy, if in the middle of the lawn there is a pool, then you need to take a water lily or a water mushroom. In the case of the foggy weather, a lantern would be useful.

The more important thing is to understand who is your opponent. Before the fight, we see an approximate quantity of zombies. They are divided into different classes, and each has unique characteristics. Against each kind of zombie, a specific plant is useful. Build a battle tactic with a powerful flower to kill the zombie for sure.

You can decide yourself which plants to plant and use or proceed to the Auto Team-Builder mode. This option helps players assemble perfect teams of plants. You can as well test your team in real-time battles. For beating the enemies, you will get bonuses and construct own bank after you complete Crazy Dave’s Daily Missions.

Controls — 5/5

The controls in Plants vs. Zombies are intuitive and simple. You just need to consider that the game is available for children from eleven years old, so there won’t be anything difficult in mastering the controls. How to play, perform various actions and what to do, you will understand from the comprehensive start instructions. Playing Plants vs. Zombies on your Nintendo is the real joy, just try yourself.

Replay Value — 5/5

Plants vs. Zombies is a fun game bringing you hours of pleasure and adventurous spirit. Travel through the universe of Plants vs. Zombies and discover new places on the map each time you do this. The action-packed gameplay doesn’t let you relax and brings you huge rewards for defeating bosses. With a plethora of content, the game is never dull and always capturing.

The Bottom Line

Plants vs. Zombies is a charming game with a bunch of decent content. Be strategic, patient, and tactical to get the most fun and joy from the playing experience.



It is almost impossible not to fall in love with this game. Plants vs. Zombies amuses you from the first to the very last level. In addition to the classic missions, there are some exclusive such as potato bowling. Passing missions and mini-games brings money. On them, you can buy improvements for flowers in the store an increase the number of slots for plants. You can collect useful things and develop your agricultural business to be more effective in fights with zombies. Except for money earning, every action in this game brings pleasure and excitement.

Pros : Addictive gameplay
Intuitive controls suitable even for children
Exciting powers of your characters
High-quality graphics and sound effects

Cons : Age restriction due to the animated violence

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 5

Controls 5

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.9

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