Pythagoras' Perpetual Motion Machine

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Pythagoras' Perpetual Motion Machine Review

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Official Game Description
A puzzle game featuring "perpetual motion machines".
Head to the top of the tower, guided by a mysterious voice...

In Pythagoras' Perpetual Motion Machine, use various
contraptions to make your way through the game.

The game setting is located in a tower piercing the heavens.
Each stage contains gimmicks including...
- Boulder ejecting switches
- Elevators
- Catapults
- Balance Scales

By setting up the contraptions in the right locations,
the boulders will roll around in a perpetual route.

Move things, press switches, roll around yourself...
Think about the mutual effects of the gimmicks and
create "perpetual motion machines". That is your objective.

With a huge volume of 40 stages, there are difficult levels
which will require you to use your brain. As such,
completion should leave you with a truly fulfilling sense
of achievement. You may just even embrace feelings of awe,
wishing to gaze endlessly at your beautiful construction.

All stages have hints and the ability to skip.
There are no penalties or restrictions built into this game.
So even those that are not good at puzzles can enjoy.

In the tower there be special monuments with messages
art inscribed into them. Just what do they mean...?

Who am I? What purpose does this tower serve...?
Between the puzzles and contraptions, give it a ponder.

This game does not require fast aiming or precise control.
Face off against the game's logic with your knowledge,
cunning and sparks of brilliance as your only weapon.
We hope you enjoy this purely puzzle solving experience.

Everyone enjoy playing this game
Everyone recommends to play it!
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