Ratty Catty

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Ratty Catty review: rats VS cats game which is full of fun

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The eternal confrontation of cats and mice has found its embodiment in a new multiplayer game Ratty Catty. It’s a blend of a whole lot of genres like action, strategy, casual game, indie, simulator, adventure with the tricky cat VS mouse gameplay.

Ratty Catty can be played in a single mode, as well as in multiplayer and co-op. In any of these cases, you’ll get much fun of this adventure.

Graphics — 5/5

The decent level of Ratty Catty graphics is the thing which makes us really like this game. Thanks to its visuals, it is funny and cartoonish. Amazingly-designed characters, environment, and surroundings bring you the total immersion into playing.

Bright colors and the variety of backgrounds let you dive into the atmosphere of a cartoon world entirely. The house design is awesome. Moreover, you can customize walls and stuff colors so that the graphics are truly user-friendly.

There’s so much pleasure that you can get from the visual aesthetics of the game!

Gameplay — 5/5

At the beginning of the game, you will meet the main characters. These are a house cat Catty and a hazel mouse Ratty. The latter tries to get some food in the house, that is to say to rob Catty. Ratty does it to feed her baby mouse.

Catty needs to protect his food from stealing, so the confrontation begins.

You can customize both of the characters guided by your imagination. The house and its surroundings can be modified as well. As you progress in the game, you get a chance to explore various skills and strengths of Ratty and Catty.

You will play against the smart incorporated AI which is not an easy task at all. You can also play the game in the multiplayer and co-op modes for getting even more fun and amusement together with friends or other players. Your score will be displayed in the rankings: weekly, monthly, and all-time scoreboards. The higher your position in the ranking, the more rewards you get for the game.

The game was created on Roblox as a unique 3D experience. It is not free to play, but the price is affordable. So you can get it on Steam and get one of the best of rats VS cats games.

Controls — 4.5/5

Ratty Catty game has simple and intuitive controls. There are not much of them, and they are so straightforward, that you will manage them easily right from the start.

So what more to say? The traditional game controls like WASD keys and the mouse buttons are at your disposal. Use them for controlling the characters’ movements. To select some additional options, go to the main menu, and look for the needed commands.

Replay Value — 5/5

The replay value of this game is determined by the player entirely. As Ratty Catty has no strict storyline, you are the one to decide how the game events will unfold. Apparently, you are likely to return to this game from time to time because it is highly customizable in different aspects.

Ratty Catty also offers lots of inbuilt mini-games which increase the replay value. They are especially valuable when you are playing in co-op or multiplayer mode.

Don’t forget about the engagement in beating the cat or stopping the rat from eating and stealing food. Furthermore, you will feel the eagerness to get on the top of the scoreboard.


This genre-mixed game can capture the fans of various genres. No matter if you are an action games player or adventures adherent, you’ll find a lot of interesting aspects in Ratty Catty.

You’ll experience thrill and excitement whether you play for the cat or the mouse. The game is light-hearted and fun, so you will get a bunch of positive emotions from playing.



Ratty Catty is the game with an amazing concept and decent fulfillment. Get much fun and adventure when playing it.

Pros : Cartoonish, cute visuals
Constant upgrades
Variety of available modes
Competitive gameplay

Cons : May come with some glitches when is played with a controller

Graphics 5

Gameplay 5

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 5

Average : 4.9

You just can't miss this game!
Everyone recommends to play it!
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