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Ravenfield Review. Blues VS Reds: Who’s Gonna Win?

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Are you a Battlefield fan? There’s something new resembling your favorite game but with no multiplayer mode. This is the Ravenfield game, a team-tactical shooter where you need to compete with the smart AI performing the opposite team. So you need to be as well quick and agile to succeed in this game.

So download Ravenfield and let the championship begin. Interested and want to know more about this game? Read all the details we’ve collected in our Ravenfield review.

Graphics — 4/5

Ravenfield is not the game that is based on realistic high-end graphics, sorry. This is the choice for players who can deal with plain visuals and get satisfaction from other game aspects.

So if you are ready for the low-poly graphical solution, then you can give this game a chance. Moreover, thanks to the low-poly solution, the system requirements become modest. Besides, lots of visual effects of maps or in combat elements are present in Ravenfield.

So with a vast range of depictions, the battle looks graphics are made in a low-poly style so if you are looking for realistic graphics, that is not your choice. Nevertheless, At the same time, there are plenty Due to them, the combat seems very fantastic on a large map.  

All the environments and characters are drawn in details so that you get a chance to immerse deeper with realistic visuals of fire, smoke, blood, and so on. You can also slow down time for the wider captivation.

Gameplay — 4.5/5

Ravenfield considers the fight between Reds and Blues. You are in the Blue Army, and you are going to fight with the Reds which are controlled with the smart AI. You will also have AI-teammates in your Blue Army.

In this tactical shooter, you are going to be the part of the Blue army team. To win the combat, you’ll need to use different vehicles and weapons, aircraft and watercraft — everything to beat the Reds.

To start the fight, you need to find where the Reds are located. So follow the blood splats to find it out. On the battlefield, you are going to meet not only your enemies but teammates as well. The members of the Blue Army are going to join you in your collective mission.

With the progress, new weapons and vehicles appear. You will also get a possibility to discover new maps while you proceed in the game. The more you proceed, the more you discover.

Controls — 4.5/5

The Ravenfield controls are simple and intuitive. All the processes are managed with the WASD keys and the mouse arrow.

Click F to get in the available vehicle. With Q and E, you can lean where needed. Use the C key to crouch easily.

You can find out all the keys and combinations in the loadout menu. There you can as well adjust the sensitivity of the mouse and the sight. After playing a while, you’ll notice that the whole controlling system is very alike of the Call of Duty.

Replay Value — 4.5/5

When you proceed in Ravenfield, you are going to discover new weapons, vehicles, and maps. Thus the gameplay becomes engaging over time. There are also a lot of engaging activities in the game. So it looks like the players are going to replay Ravenfield from time to time. Even after completing the mission, you will find something to come back for.

So faster download Ravenfield by simple clicking on the “Get the game” button on our site and enjoy the unique shooter experience.

The Bottom Line

The Ravenfield game is a classic shooter which makes you deal with artificial intellect bots. There’s no chance to get the victory easily.

The game style resembles the Battlefield series a lot, and its controls similar to the Call of Duty. However, the game has its own spirit and lots of unique options. With the plethora of weapons and flying planes, and activities like dominating the battlefield with tanks, the game is utterly engaging.

  • Graphics 4
  • Gameplay 4.5
  • Controls 4.5
  • Replay Value 4.5


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Ravenfield FAQ

Q1. Is it true that Ravenfield Windows in early access title?
A1. Yes, the game was released on May 2017 for Windows, macOS, and Linux. But it is still in the early access stage.
Q2. Is it available Ravenfield download for mobile phones?
A2. No, for now, you can install the game only on your PC.
Q3. I heard that Ravenfield free download is available from Steam. Is it true?
A3. No, the game is early access stage and it is paid. These money developers can use to fund further game’s development.
Q4. Where can I find Ravenfield game online?
A4. You can play the game only offline. Maybe in the future developers will add the ability to play online.
Q5. Can I try to play free Ravenfield demo version?
A5. No. The game is still under development so there is no need to launch the demo.
Q6. When will Ravenfield full game be released?
A6. Approximately, the game full version will be launched after one or two years.
Q7. Can I find Ravenfield unblocked version?
A7. You can find it on the Internet but there is no good idea. Moreover, the official version of the title is always improving.
Q8. If I download Ravenfield torrent, and developers add new features to the game, will these options appear on my computer?
A8. No, the developers do not support illegal torrent files.
Q9. Will developers make Ravenfield free to play in the future?
A9. There are no official announcements about such plans.
Q10. How will the game’s price change after the official release of the full game?
A10. For now, Ravenfield price on Steam is $5.85. And it will save even after the game leaves early access.
Q11. Can I make Ravenfield pre-order?
A11. You can buy early access version.
Q12. What is the Ravenfield gameplay?
A12. Ravenfield is a first-person shooter game where you need to fight against enemies.
Q13. What are the popular Ravenfield cheats?
A13. As the game is in the stage of active development, all cheats that users have found, the developers fix very fast.
Q14. What are the Ravenfield mods?
A14. It is a single-player game.

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