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Rules of Survival Review: Is Survival on the Island a New Genre?

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Professional Review

Get a bunch of battle royale experience with the Rules of Survival game. It’s a title from the Chinese developer NetEase Games very similar to PUBG. For all those who are good at survival strategy games, the title worth trying.

Thrill, adventure, and action are mingled in this game. Land with a parachute onto an island, where up to 120 players have already landed, wanting to kill each other to remain in pleasant solitude by the end of the round. Are you ready for such a bloody challenge? Then faster download Rules of Survival. Want more colorful details about this game? Read our Rules of Survival review below to find out all the hidden tips and tricks.

Graphics — 5/5

The graphics of Rules of Survival is something to impress players. The battleground action, the environment, and the characters are well-detailed and pictured in an HD manner. With plenty of animated effects such as fires, smoke, bomb blasts, and so on are meant to enhance the overall impression from the visuals.

Being PUBG-alike, Rules of Survival takes the best from the first title. Regarding the graphics, the game offers a similar visual solution: colorful visuals, high-rendered details, island landscapes, and so on.

Gameplay — 4.5/5

Rules of Survival has no plot or a specific storyline. Nevertheless, the game has a variety of survival options. You will start playing with learning the tutorial, then proceed to the action-packed gameplay. From this moment, you need to be fast and agile. Do your best to stay alive in this survival fight.

The vast 8x8 km HD map of the island gives you lots of opportunities for survival. You start with no equipment at all. So you need to run and look for weapons. You can find many items along your way that will help you survive. However, they won’t save you from other players. That is why you need to be good at running and hiding as well.

You are either trying to kill another player and to survive as well. The process of harboring has never been such adrenaline; there are practically no competitors to the Rules of Survival concerning this aspect.

With a good bunch of weapons and accessories, you have a chance to remain one last standing. Try yourself in different modes which are the gold mode, solo mode, and team mode. Each of them comes with distinct challenges and difficulties.

You can drive different vehicles in the game as well. No matter how hard your mission is, there is also a chance to survive. At least, one from 120.

Controls — 4.5/5

In Rules of Survival, there are different controls for different modes and types of gameplay accordingly. The controls vary whether your character is just parachuting or landing, or undertaking an action, or driving a vehicle, and so on.

Nevertheless, the basics are the same. With the 180-degree button, you get a view of your surroundings, a keyboard and a mouse help you control the movements of your character, as well as let him shoot, communicate, and so on.

Replay Value — 4/5

Rules of Survival is the game continuing the trend on survival games. It’s a decent title, but there are plenty of such on the video games market nowadays. However, to stay on the wave of popular gaming projects, you need to play it for a while to understand its advantages. Replaying is recommended, but not necessary because you can play one of that kind of games at any moment.

The Bottom Line

A battle royale survival is so popular nowadays that you have no excuses to avoid playing Rules of Survival. The game is thrilling and exciting and requires your best skills to survive.



One hundred twenty of rivals, the 8x8 km island, plenty of weapons and ammunition, but is it possible to survive? The mission is challenging, and you need to be savvy and fast to avoid dangers and doom. Rules of Survival defines the meaning of the phrase ‘Survival of the Fittest’ perfectly. Adventure spirit and thrill which you are going to experience keep you on your toes until you find all other opponents and kill them.

Pros : The vast HD map
Different gaming modes to select
Plenty of ammunition and weapons

Cons : The game is weighty and needs a lot of free space

Graphics 5

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 4.5

Replay Value 4

Average : 4.5

One of the most trending games right now!
Everyone enjoy playing this game
One of the best role-play games ever!
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