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Shotgun Farmers

Shotgun Farmers

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Shotgun Farmers

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Shotgun Farmers is an unusual multiplayer shooter in farming style. You use unusual weapons that grow from bullets in the ground. Shoot down to grow yourself a new gun! Download Shotgun Farmers and join the craziest multiplayer shooter available now!

Graphics 5/5

Shotgun Farmers got style. It looks as cartoonish as it sounds, not pretending to be serious or realistic: are you okay to speak seriously of growing guns? Its animation is very vivid, despite a relative lack of detail. On the other hand, that’s what keeps the game under 2GB and lets it run smoothly even on old PCs with mediocre hardware. 

Gameplay 5/5

It would have been a regular multiplayer shooter, if not for its specific method of looting. If a bullet hits the ground, it turns into a seed and grows into a new gun. It evolves constantly, and you always have a choice to pick it early or risk to keep it growing for longer. Then you can get a bigger and stronger weapon. There are carrot guns, milk armor, pineapple grenades, and other weapons available in this strange world.

There are various modes, the most popular being competitive multiplayer. You can as well oppose a horde with these weapons or play special events that are held constantly. The game is evolving, with new cosmetics, enemies, play modes, and other innovations.

One of the best things about Shotgun Farmers is the complete absence of microtransactions. Once you’ve bought the game, you won’t be proposed anything paid. And your rivals, on the other hand, can’t buy any advantage. 

Controls 4/5

Like most PC games, this one is designed for keyboard and mouse controlling. It supports Steam or Xbox controllers, but only partially. The control feels tight, with instant response, and you’re never running off. As for full controller integration, the developers are working on it – but it takes time.

Replay Value 4/5

Like most multiplayer shooters, Shotgun Farmers will keep you amused for many, many hours. It stands out due to its unusual visuals and mechanics, and it already has enough active players not to keep you waiting for too long (though some claim the opposite). Definitely, it’s a long runner, though its freshness may fade like a flower when you’ve got used to it. In addition, it has lots of achievements to unlock.

The Bottom Line

If you are fed up with military or futuristic online shooters, install Shotgun Farmers and give it a try. This may be your next favorite game.

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 5
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 4


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Shotgun Farmers FAQ

Q1. Can I download Shotgun Farmers on my Windows PC?
A1. Yes. You can install Shotgun Farmers for PC from Steam or Humble. Both links are available for you behind the “Get Game” button that you can see above the review. You may also download it on macOS and Linux.
Q2. What are the basic requirements for Shotgun Farmers’ download?
A2. You need to have a Windows 7+ system, strong Internet connection, and at least 2 GB of empty space. Read macOS and Linux platforms’ requirements near the Windows requirements on Steam before you will download the game.
Q3. Do you offer a free download of Shotgun Farmers here?
A3. We don’t offer any games for free here. We also don’t sell them. We make details reviews of every game and share them with readers. If you want to download Shotgun Farmers, use the links in the “Get Game” section.
Q4. Is Shotgun Farmers an online game?
A4. Shotgun Farmers has both modes. There is an offline and online mode. You can choose whatever you like. Don’t forget to stay connected while downloading the game on your PC.
Q5. Is there a demo version of Shotgun Farmers?
A5. No. Read our review of the game before you will download it. You can also watch trailers on Steam, to understand how the gameplay looks like.
Q6. Is Shotgun Farmers a full game?
A6. Yes. It was released in March 2019. The game was created and published by Megastorm Games. Since that time, developers have shared numerous updates.
Q7. What does the latest version contain?
A7. Developers asked every player to join them this April’s fool day for the crazy event with valuable prices and lots of fun. The last update was made in March when developers released Hellish Harvester.
Q8. Is Shotgun Farmers unblocked for every player?
A8. Shotgun Farmers is available for everyone. However, it is strongly recommended to parents to play this game before their kids to find out whether the game is suitable for their children.
Q9. Where can I find a torrent of Shotgun Farmers?
A9. We don’t share information about unreliable sources here. We don’t give any torrents links. If you want to find a torrent, you are on your own. We suggest you use only official game stores.
Q10. Is Shotgun Farmers free to play?
A10. It looks like Shotgun Farmers is free, due to the small price, however, it is not. You have to register your profile on Steam and pay for the game. After that, you may download and enjoy the game on your PC.
Q11. How much does the Shotgun Farmers cost?
A11. It costs $9.99 on Steam.

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