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Snake Pass Review

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Snake Pass is an amazing puzzle-genre game that revolves around two friends who are out to solve the mystery of their world. Help them in the journey of eliminating the mysterious interloper from their land.

Graphics: 4.5

When it comes to the graphics of the game, it is quite decent and colorful. Lighting elements like fire and various other streaks of lights that glow here and there in the game have been meticulously designed. The graphics run of unreal engine 4 and the same give it a high-quality. Further, as you play the game, you do not come across any glitches or annoying graphics bugs.

Gameplay: 5

There is an amazing storyline that the entire game follows. You get to control two friends – a snake named Noodle and his best friend Doodle which is a super active and fast hummingbird. For most of the part of the game, you will be controlling Noodle. However, if you are stuck somewhere or need help on certain occasions, you can call Doodle to your rescue.

As per the story, Doodle once tells Noodle that someone is messing with their world’s gate. And to find out who that troublemaker is, they embark on a journey filled with 15 levels. On every level, both these friends have to find three keys. Only after finding these three keys, they can open the gate to the next level. All the levels in the game have been divided into four worlds. Each of these worlds poses new challenges in front of the players.

Though quite a short game, there are many collectibles in every level that you need to collect, for instance, five gold coins, 20 blue orbs, etc.

Controls: 3

The controls of the game are quite challenging and sometimes they become frustrating too. Though controlling the hummingbird is quite easy but controlling Noodle (the snake) is easier said than done. Press the right button to move the snake forward, with the left button, Noodle grips any object or element. Lift the head of Noodle with ‘A’ button and get to dive in the water with ‘X’ button. With ‘Y’ the bird gets to pick Noodle’s tail. The snake moves continuously and it is on you how precisely you control it.

Replay Value: 3

Though there is amazing graphics and lot many things to do, when it comes to the replay value of the game, it is quite low. There are fewer levels in the game and the only motivational factor is the finding of keys. While some keys are hidden somewhere in the arena, some levels place the keys right in front of the eyes, thereby, decreasing the playing time further.


Solve the various unique puzzles of the game either as a snake or as a hummingbird. Whether you fly over the arena or slither through long grass, you surely going to enjoy every bit of the gameplay. Try to find out all the three keys as fast as you can and open the gates to next level. Complete the challenges of all the levels to find out the trespasser who is messing with the gates of your world.



Control two friends to save the tranquility of Haven Tor in this amazing gameplay of Snake Pass.

Pros : Colorful Graphics and Soothing Soundtrack
Amazing Storyline
Numerous Unique Challenges and Puzzles

Cons : Controls Are Quite Challenging
Short Gameplay

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 5

Controls 3

Replay Value 3

Average : 3.9

One of the most trending games right now!
Everyone recommends to play it!
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