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The Crew™ 2

The Crew™ 2

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The Crew™ 2 Game

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The Crew 2 is the second part of the famous racing game that was released by Ubisoft in May 2018. The game is not free to download. You have to purchase The Crew 2 in order to play it first. Users can play The Crew 2 in a singleplayer mode. But if you have a stable Internet connection, you can try to play the game in the multiplayer. You can play with friends or find random players. Players can download The Crew 2 for Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms. While playing, you will be able to drive not only autos, but motorbikes, boats, and even planes!

Graphics 4/5

The Crew 2 graphical effects look realistic, but they are not perfect. A lot of buildings might look blurred. Nevertheless, the lighting effects perfectly suit the game atmosphere. Graphical effects make the game look even more dynamic. There are a lot of different vehicles. They look unique and are the detailed copies of the real-life cars. In addition, you can upgrade your vehicles and change the appearance by selecting colors, wheels, and other parts.

Gameplay 4/5

The Crew 2 has a lot of in common with the previous part. For example, players will have to purchase the car and upgrade it in many different ways (depends on what races you want to play). For example, in order to play off-road races, you need to unlock a certain car upgrade. There are many types of races: off-road, street races, professional races, and freestyle. You will not be able to use the off-road type of car for street races and vice versa. The first The Crew game had to be played via the Internet. Now, players can play The Crew in a singleplayer mode. However, you can still play in the multiplayer or cooperative modes. The game allows you to team up with random players and race with them.

Controls 4/5

The Crew 2 controls are pretty simple, and it should not be hard for you to get used to them. They have a lot of in common with other racing games. If you have tried playing The Crew, you will not experience any troubles while playing The Crew 2. The game allows users to connect the gamepad. Of course, you can play the game via a keyboard.

Replay Value 4/5

You will enjoy playing the game in case you are a fan of racing games. The game is dynamic and will definitely take your attention. However, you might not enjoy playing the game if you are not a fan of racing games.

The Bottom Line

We recommend you to download The Crew 2, especially if you are looking for a game that allows you to drive various vehicles. The game is fun and can entertain you for some time. Thank you for paying attention to this The Crew 2 game review.

  • Graphics 4
  • Gameplay 4
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 4


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The Crew™ 2 FAQ

Q1. Where can I download The Crew 2 for my Windows?
A1. You can download the Windows version of the game from Steam store, The Humble Store, or the official website of the game. Go to the “Get Game” section here, and you will find links on The Crew 2 pages on these stores.
Q2. Which other platforms are available for The Crew 2 download?
A2. You will find links for download on the other platforms on the official website of the game. The Crew 2 is also available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Pick edition and follow the link.
Q3. Does this website offer a free download of The Crew 2?
A3. No, we do not offer free download here. Games Mojo is a collection of games reviews. We also gather the most reliable links on game stores and suggest them to readers.
Q4. Is The Crew 2 an online game?
A4. This game offers several modes for you. You can either play solo and offline or go online and play with or against your friends.
Q5. Is there a demo version of The Crew 2?
A5. Yes, there is a demo of the game. You will find it on Steam. You can check the demo out before buying The Crew 2.
Q6. When was The Crew 2 full game released?
A6. It was fully released in June 2018. The game was created by Ivory Tower and published by Ubisoft. Since that time, developers continue to bring improvements in the game.
Q7. What does the latest version add to The Crew 2?
A7. Last time developers updated The Crew 2 was in March 2020. They have announced new races with special rewards. Developers introduced two new cars to the community.
Q8. Is The Crew 2 unblocked for everyone?
A8. No. It contains strong language and mild violence. You have to verify your age before you will be able to enter the game.
Q9. Can you suggest me torrent with The Crew 2?
A9. We strongly advise you not to follow unprotected links and not to download torrents from them on your device. It may cost you more than a game.
Q10. Is The Crew 2 free to play?
A10. No. Developers arrange free days in the game for all players from time to time, but you don’t have to wait for it, since we don’t know specific dates or whether it will happen again.
Q11. How much does The Crew 2 cost?
A11. The price of The Crew 2 is $59.99 on Steam.

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