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The Isle Review: Survive as Dinosaur

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The Isle is a survival horror game for those who like trying strength against the wild animals and struggle for his life surrounded by wildlife. Here you will navigate a dinosaur doing your best to survive and grow. Download The Isle to get the complete idea of this marvelous wild world.

Graphics 5/5

The title is very realistic with a detailed environment creating the needed atmosphere when your only desire is to survive. The developer has managed to simulate various creatures at very high graphics. Enjoy AI using natural behaviors of the dinosaurs. You will view tremendous locations of different world biome types. There are picturesque sceneries varying wildly.

Gameplay 4/5

At the beginning of the game, you will find yourself on the islands inhabited by various creatures. You are suggested to choose the one to navigate, and since the choice is made, the only thing which matters is to find the way to survive. The peculiarity of this title is the absence of any hints on how you should do it. There are no tutorials. You will learn it while playing. And remember the only being you can trust in this environment is you.
Being a massively multiplayer game, it offers a lot of challenges to complete with other players. Here you will meet the well-designed dinosaur, which is really cool. There are herbivores and murderous giants like Allosaurus. There are tons of species. When you navigate one of them, you will become stronger during the game.

You will explore the forests and plains, climb the high mountains, wade through moors, and more. There are a lot of places to hide from the danger. Whether they are reliable, you will know when to try. You will bump up against ruins which can tell you what happened there before. As you understand reading the Isle review, there is only one goal, and it is to survive. But if you do not want to struggle, just change the mode and enjoy Sandbox.

Controls 5/5

You will be offered to use all available relevant controls following the instructions. The game is played in a smooth manner without interruptions and bugs.

Replay Value 5/5

The gameplay of the Survival mode provides only two case scenarios: you kill, or you are killed. Your every mistake can cause your death, that is why you will search the right solution taking every step. This is a large room for experiments. In addition, you have suggested the Sandbox. Thus, we can say that replayability is high.

The Bottom Line

Download The Isle and enjoy this open-world survival horror title. You will have to cope with the prehistoric ecosystem, and that is your choice to become prey or a winner. The creatures around you will be navigated by up to 100 other players. Each of them is dangerous in doing their best to survive. You can even create herds and hunt together but be careful to be eaten by your mates one day.

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 4
  • Controls 5
  • Replay Value 5


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The Isle FAQ

Q1. Can I play The Isle macOS?
A1. No, you can install the game only on the computer which has Microsoft Windows.
Q2. Is The Isle download available for Android devices?
A2. There is no game’s version for mobile phones.
Q3. Is The Isle free download game?
A3. No, the game has good graphics, interesting gameplay, and excellent controls. So it couldn’t be free of charge.
Q4. Can I play The Isle game online?
A4. No, the game doesn’t support online playing.
Q5. What is the size of The Isle demo version?
A5. The game doesn’t have a demo version. But if you are going to install the full game, it needs 25 GB of available space.
Q6. What are the additional requirements to The Isle full game?
A6. The game needs a dedicated graphics card to run because integrated cards will not work.
Q7. Can I find The Isle unblocked version?
A7. Yes, you can find on the Internet, but we do not recommend you to do it because it is illegal.
Q8. I’ve just installed The Isle torrent and it doesn’t launch. Can you help me?
A8. The developers don’t support torrents. Therefore, you can delete it and install the official version.
Q9. When The Isle free to play will be launched?
A9. For today, there are no plans to make the game free to play.
Q10. Where can I find the game to download?
A10. You can download it from the official site or Steam. The current The Isle price is $10.5 on Steam.
Q11. Where can I leave The Isle pre-order for upcoming releases?
A11. As far as we know, there are no lists with pre-orders.
Q12. What genre is The Isle gameplay?
A12. The title is a survival action game. You need to stay alive on the dangerous island inhabited by dinosaurs.
Q13. What are the famous The Isle cheats?
A13. The game is in Early Access Stage. Therefore, all bugs that can help you to cheat are fixed very quickly.
Q14. In what The Isle mods I can play?
A14. The game has only one mode - single-player.

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